13 And Down

I am 13 and recently i have become somewhat of any outcast, i used to have Friends but then suddenly i heard rumors going around about me and everyone stopped talking to me, even my best Friend who i have known since i was 7 has stopped talking to me , i tried to make new Friends but everyone is ignoring me. Now i have no one and no one at all i think i can talk to , i've become so depressed that i have started to think about ending it all, i have just run out of ideas if you know what i need to hear please tell me :(
joseph1122 joseph1122
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

Maybe you should figure out the source of the rumors and try to solve the problem then? Or ask help from your family? You can wait for the rumors to die down, or you can confront your friends and ask what's wrong and why would they believe the rumors so easily in the first place, especially your best friend (since said best friend has known you since 7). <br />
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Idk, it's just suggestions.