Bad Things Just Seem To Happen To Me

All my family either wont talk to me, or has moved a long distance away and left no number or address. My friends have all moved away to college and leading successful lives. My friends that reside in my town only contact me to sell me something, or to borrow money, or for me to benefit them is some form/fashion. I am living with a co-worker and his girlfriend who loves to start drama...i feel very close to being homeless based on hear-say. My life has been on a downward slope for a very, very long time. Everything i once loved or enjoyed doing seems pointless. I was once a bright young man. Most likely to succeed in middle school, straight A's throughout school. Teachers always told me that i was the top of the class. I've not even looked at going to college, due to major financial problems. I have no car, or license so travel means would be impossible.

People also love to take advantage of me. My parents kept me around until i ran out of money (ive been employed since i was thirteen), and then kicked me out at age sixteen. I lived with my aunt for two years...until i didnt have the money for rent one week. I slept under a bridge for two weeks until i found a job at a factory. I found a friend from work to stay with and here i sit.

The thing that bothers me the most is that I go out of my way on a daily basis to help people. I live by the golden rule. I believe that I am a moral, ethically sound, and genuinely good person. I give money to friends, and when i feel used, offer help in other ways. And that's when i start to lose them. I don't start off giving free money to anyone who will be my friend, but I trust people after an amount of time. And it seems whenever I need to trust someone, they break it. I am not respected at work, at home, by friends, family...and pretty much anyone else i come into contact with. I don't understand why. I do everything I can to command just the slightest amount of respect, to no avail.

I am in desperate need of advice/council/help.

needmotivation1393 needmotivation1393
18-21, M
May 17, 2012