I Want To Go From Thin To Curvy To Just Plain Chubby!

For all of my life I've been skinny, although I do have a fairly hourglass figure. I just feel so... girly though. I want to be bigger and feel like a woman. I want to jiggle a little when I walk, and have some chub to play with :)

Given my circumstances, I can't gain much. My mom is a health freak and I'm afraid she would see my weight gain as a serious sign for concern (regardless of the fact that it would actually be healthier for me). At the moment, I'm 5'8" and 123lb (thin, thin, thing!). I'm hoping to gain 10 or 12 pounds to start out with. Then, I guess I'll slowly make my way up in weight... hopefully to 143 or higher. I know that really isn't "chubby," but it'll be the most I've ever weighed in my life. It's also a 20lb gain, which is pretty good I think!

In the end, I'm not sure how much I want to weigh. I'd like to get a big enough tummy so that it gets in the way a little when I try to crunch in... you know, something for me to play with :) I'm thinking 180 as my highest... but hey, you never know ;)
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Hi growingcurvy! I love your purpose, it remind me to what happened with my girlfriend and her parents. I post here her story, hope you find it useful.
It happened to my girfriend. She is 5'7" (170 cm) and has always been thin as a rail weighing no more than 120 lbs (54 kg) all her life long, until she was 25 and her metabolism started slowing down. She was used to joke she was able to eat what she wanted without gaining a single pound, so I often challenged her buying ice creams, pizzas, dessert, etc. and she never declined. I was really impressed for how much she could eat without gaining and just stopped paying attention to that until a day when she went out from the bathroom a little shocked for having gained 8 pounds in a few months without even realizing, and showed me she was 128 (58 kg) now. My reaction surprised both her and me, I was super excited and started poking and teasing her for her new small layer of fat. We had a lot of fun and from that day on it became a routine for her to eat something, to lcomplain for having eaten too much, and then to let me joke and tease her for that and poke her stuffed belly. We were just having too much fun to imagine that the results could be visible for someone else too. Another three months went away eating and joking, and the scale showed us 12 more pounds had found their way to her frame, putting her to a softer 140 lbs (63 kg). It was june, we went to her parents for a week's holiday and as soon as her parents saw her they asked if she had gained weight. She was taken aback and started saying that maybe she had gained a couple of pounds but her mother wasn't convinced at all and said "a couple? they seems more like twenty to me! your hips are wider, and there is no doubt your belly look swollen and softer too." my girlfriend tried to negate "mom, I've not gained that much" but we both knew her mom was guessing right. She had piled on 20 pounds in six months, and for someone who had not seen her for a while the change should have been obvious. Her once flat stomach was now starting to bulge a bit, and her belly formed a little roll when she was sitting. And her mom was right also in regard to her hips, they had got wider and that morning she had a hard time trying to make her *** fit into her jeans. At the beginning her mother comment frustrated her, and she tried to cut back her food intake, also because she received some other nasty remark that week. I remember her dad saying "you're spilling out your trousers girl, you really should eat less or buy new ones" and her mother adding "I've never seen you with hips so wide, and your thighs jiggle when you walk, you really should practice some sport or will end up losing any tone". And she wasn't fat at that time. She had just got barely overweight, if not still normal, but her parents was used to see her in her usual slender and more toned way.
She really tried to lose some of the new acquired chubbiness in the following months but with no good results. It seemed that her proverbial metabolism had abandoned her, and never being in a diet before, made it very hard to her to diet now. That was frustrating for her but I was there to consulate. So three months later we were at her parents again, prepared for the annoying comments to arrive. Her mother seemed to be a little less stern that time, but still managed to say "I see my daughter is still in her fullest shape, isn't she". My girlfriend nodded discouraged and said "I know mom, I tried to lose some of this belly but it just seems impossible to send it back from where it has come" and saying so she grabbed her belly flab to emphasize that she acknowledged she had some meat in excess to try to get rid of, but also pouted to express her genuine frustration for having tried without result. That melted both her mother's and her father's hearts and changed completely their attitude towards her and her gaining weight. Her dad bursted out laughing and hugged her reaching for her love handles and said "don't be silly girl, you don't have to let you get sad for just a little of meat; besides it suit you well". Her mother too seemed to be won by her daughter sincerity and came out with something like "well, maybe there is an age to be slender, and an age to be.. feminine, and I think you are blossoming well in your femininity". Since that day it is a pleasure to go and visit her parents because they are always so positive if not even conspiratorial and allusive. Some times when we are sit at table waiting for dinner being cooked by her mother her father gives her some additional appetizers saying "eat up girl before your mom sees", or when we went to the sea and she complained with her mother for how tight her bikini has got, her mother just said "what could I say girl, it seems like you are blossoming more and more"; and, even better, I was surprised by an episode happened that summer at the beach. We were tanning in our swimsuits when her father came and asked us if we wanted some ice cream, I said yes immediately but my girlfriend was hesitating “Oh.. I don't know dad.. I'm not hungry and besides.. I shouldn't”. While she was saying so she was patting her belly that was starting to bulge below her bellybutton also while laying in the recliner by now, not a fat belly yet, but surely there was some soft padding under that skin. But her mother seems to know exactly which buttons to push to reassure her daughter “don't worry honey, with that cleavage of yours not many guys will look at your new little fat rolls”. Ten minutes later she was eating the biggest sundae of the beach with the biggest smile on her face, while the biggest roll she had ever had on her belly (barely two inches but impressive considering there was nothing there just one year before) was quietly waiting to grow a little more.
Six more months passed and last christmas we were at her parents again. The climate within her family was great, the food was great, the wine was great and my girlfriend was great. After three days spent eating I was having trouble finishing my share at dinner when my girlfriend offered to help by finishing it for me and theatrically said “you see, it's not my fault, it's just that I am too much into helping people if I have this spare tyre on my lap now” everyone bursted out laughing at that, her parents, her uncles, her aunts. Except for her little cousin that is 10 years old, and who shyly asked “what is a spare tyre, mom?”. One of the two aunt explained it in the simplest way “you see that soft roll that runs around your cousin waist and that wasn't there last year? That is a spare tyre” Everyone bursted out laughing again while I was getting more and more excited.
Those “couple of pounds” are attracting more and more attentions, most of all now that my girlfriend is carrying her 150 lbs (68 kg) of femininity with bliss, and I'm looking forward to next bikini season to come.