My Crush!!!!!! Xd

So it all started in 2nd grade. I was new to the school and he said hi to me when i
got on our bus. I knew I liked him right then and there. Then later, in 4th grade, we were in the same class. I sat next to him during the whole year. He kept on making me laugh and I eventually started to crush on him. He was always blushing whenever I spoke to him handheld was smiling too. Then this year, he keeps looking at me when I pass him in the halls. ( I am not in his class so I never see him.) Then, there is this other girl who likes him and is in his class and I HATE her. She is the most stuck up brat i have ever met.Snow I hear rumors he is gonna ask me out. What should I do?
13-15, F
Apr 21, 2012