New Gal On The Block

I;m new so i'll try my best and won't be too boring. I'm an ex-abused house wife divorced. Went through some bad times. I connected with some friends after the divorce but within 3-4 short years of time they either drifted away, died, or moved away. I had one great girlfriend we were like sisters but can't seem to get ahold of her not even on facebook. So I'm venturing out to try and get a friendship going. Things are better now. I took care of my grandparents until they passed and was able to save a little doe and put myself through school and 'am now a Home Health Aide looking for work in the new( Economy- Yippie!! ). I love to laugh because it's truely the best medicine. I do like my space and like to be alone but really do miss that special friend to connect with and hope to find that person(s).
resa245 resa245
41-45, F
May 22, 2012