Behind Friendship With No Motives

I am writing this because a friend I just met was currious as to why I was thinking about them when we just met. I exsplainee to them that it was a true gesture to let them know that I do think about my friends here. If not then I shouldn't be here. People like myself like to hear from people when they are thinking about you. everything I have written on here whether its my own story or a comment that I have made on here is just that. This is who I am and there is no mask of another person nor a fake. As I've said before, I welcome all of you who want to talk, comment on my stories or want to add me to there circle. I would be honored if they did and if they just want to send a message, thats great too. The most comon thing I have read here is that alot of you, including myself feel that sense of being alone. Its human nature to want to reach out to some one or some ones. Its not so hard to remember that we all share somthing very special, the heart that beats on the left side of our chests. We have deep feelings, all of us do, some hide those feelings in fear of being made fun of and there are those like me who exspress them.

There are no motives on my part except for meeting new friends and sharring stories, if it goes further then thats fine too. I have made some really close friends here and I cherrish them.

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Everyone is welcomed to come and talk or leaves messages or comment on the stories, you are a fine friend Honey, thanks for accepting

It helps to know yes, but its a self healing for me to know that I have reached in a positive way.

having friends be it on-line or in real life is a blessing.

thanks Arianne, very nice of you to say, I hope you enjoy the others as well

Yes, you're right, Dale EP friendship for me is just reaching out for another person who has the same experiences and what is more great than just exchanging thoughts, nothing else. No connection or other involvements. Just a simple gesture that we are in the same boat. Isn't that right?<br />
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The most important part is to know that we are not alone. People are just the same, we might be different from races and upbringing but our experiences are the same.<br />
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Nice to be able to post something here, Dale. Your stories are quite interesting!

Kitty, it takes a keen eyes to filter out those who have a underlying motive, trust in your instincts and perhaps you will see who they are. Don't be shy in letting others know what you feel or if you are aware of some one on here who mean to do harm. My biggest nightmare would be to hear that some one or anyone on here were hurt. I beleive that those who do know me have a sense that says that they have chosen wisely, when they joined my circle

I would like to reply to a couple of frineds on here. CC I don't know if I said thank you for showing such great strengths in our friendship. We talk as if we have known one another for a long time. Thats a trait of a very dear friend and I considder myself blessed with the people who have become a very important part of my circle. The circle grows every day and each day the gift of friendship increases. Angel, I want to thank you for being so innocent in nature and knollegable ahead of your time. You showed strengths in your virtues and stand by your own convivtions and beleifs. The two of you and many more have enriched my life and I don't know if I could ever repay this gift you have given me

Thats true some some exstent. Mine if its called a motive is that of making new friends and sharring our past, present and future. Idealistic to frinedships

Thats the best kind of gift anyone could get. As you know first hand that I cherrish those who have chosen to be a big part of my circle.