Mothers Response To My Letter

I hope nothing but the best for you .May life bring you everything you wish for.Im sorry i wasnt the mother you put on that still just a woman.You see me as you like i want try and defend that.I dont need you or anyone else to validate me and who i am.i raised you and you are who you are because of it or in spite of it which ever way you choose to look at it.I loved you then and i love you now.Your words as eloquant as they are have cut me to the quick i hope you got the effect you wanted you, yourself said we no longer have a relationship so ......"THE HEARTLESS,SELFISH,WOMAN WHO RUNS IN FEAR"respectfully ask that you make that so...again i hope life brings you everything you desire.
LonelyQueen LonelyQueen
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 21, 2012

I don't know your history. It sounds like you wrote a letter to tell her off? She is choosing not to fight you and respect your wishes though. Sometimes when we act out of anger we say things we don't actually want. I think you wanted your Mom to fight for the relationship but you trapped her into fight or flight. I know if there are issues of abuse alot of times getting someone to own up to them is a daunting process. Give it time. Try a different angle rather than hostility. I sense you really want your mother in your life. Just the way you want her. Not how things are.