This Is About Me. My Opinions And My Likes. If They Appeal To You...great.

Hey! You're welcome to read what you want, think what you want and say what you want. I do that all the time. At least in my head. I do think about sex a lot, but that's just where I am in my life. I'm not interested in joining a sex group. Really I just want to talk to others sometimes, and see what they have to say other times.

I enjoy people who color outside the lines in life, but are still kind and caring people. I enjoy a lusty romance book, a strong guitar lick, yummy southern food, melted chocolate, and the idea of seduction. I'll answer almost any question, somethings are just a little too ridiculous, though. I realize that this is a very supportive place, but in order to be supportive sometimes you just have to stay silent.

I like talking about authors I read, about learning to play the guitar, about southern people and southern food. I like talking about men and trying to figure out how they think and where I can find them and spy on them (lol), I know there are people who think like I do.
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I not only color outside of the lines, but I invent my own. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Very articulate Woman you are. And quite interesting too.

Thank you. You are very kind. ;)

I can understand,there is nothing wrong with laying down terms.Like me,I don't care for people that **** and crap on themselves.There out there,or people that bring children into matters.We all have the right to pick who we converse with,and me myself,even I have my morals.So pick your friends wisely,there are plenty of good people out there.

I loved your honesty, but tell me, do you spy on me !!!!!!

hey cranky,good honest story.I not sure i would consider your views overly outragious,lots of women in your age bracket feel the same,.feeling confident in your sexuality is a huge turn on for some of us men.As for figuring out how we think smiling............ask

I do like your honesty and selfawareness, the way you think and express yourself. You're consistent in those ways too, which is very important. I'm a huge fan of "girl groups" ( listening to the Shirelles right now), I read anything about the South I can get my hands on, especially about the people and families, food, traditions and idiosycrisies (sp) . I think even people who are married for a time need to seduce each other and keep the sex fresh, interesting and new, otherwise it all is taken for granted and gets stale and boring. Sex should never be boring. As unappealing as it is for lots of younger people, sex is alive and well with many Seniors and often much better, freer than ever. Keep being who you are some2soon.

Thanks, Ms Odd. I enjoyed your comment! The answers you give during Q&A are always of special interest to me, either due to your insight or your humor.:)

Lines? What are those?

I color without lines

Lines? Who needs lines? Waaaaaaaaaaay too boring that.