I Hate To **********

I am to a point in my life where i have been ************ for appromixately to 10 to 15 years. I feel ************ has been a hold back of my full potential as human being. It has created me to be less social unless i have to be. It also has created me not to be a good financial advisor for myself and others. It't has put me in debt and negative due to *********** websites and videos. I isolated myself several times from other people or neighbors. This ************ has started at a young age for me, i never experience losing my virginity with a woman but to ************. My sexual tension with other woman has been alright. Its hard for me to have a steady relationship far as not ************. I went two weeks without ************ and it took my life to a new level of happiness and contentness.

I feel that ************ is not good for your body physical and i know there is a lot of other things out there that aren't. But being a good athletic it's a scarifice not to **********.

I am on this journey now to stop ************ and hopefully not to have sex anymore or make it a primary focus. I want to be happy and outgoing with friends and more.

Wish me luck on this journey and know i hate to **********
TheOnlyMcCoy TheOnlyMcCoy
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Yeah, right!