You Are A Realistic Romantic

It's easy for you to get swept away by romance...
But you've done a pretty good job keeping perspective.

You're still taken in by love poems and sunsets
You just don't fall for every dreamy pick up line!

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
2 Responses May 17, 2012

You're too sweet :) I do have a nice boy. Unfortunately, he's your side of the pond. :(

They keep telling me that this is a small world, but when you are not able to be with your love it is oh so hard to believe that it is a small world isn't it.

You're so right Liza. 17 hours in a plane will get me there ...small world sometimes it isn't :(

A sensible head is needed when one's heart is ready :p

Yes my friend. And you should watch out ... as gorgeous as you are ... many hearts are after YOU! '-) (((((Hugs)))))