When You Message Me

I can tell within the first 3 messages if:
1. Your intentions are sexually driven
2. You are just trying to have an online fling
3. If you aren't actually concerned about having someone to talk to, but actually flirting

This is because:
1. You mention my looks
2. You ask how old I am (LOOK AT THE PROFILE CARD)
3. You ask where I'm From
---All three of those come before you actually talk about anything of importance that would catch my attention---
4. (the easiest giveaway) I actually LOOK at YOUR profile and see "your experiences" and look at "your friends"

Reasons Why you are wasting your time:
1. I am married
2. Even if I were single, you have no game
3. I'm looking to make friends with people and nothing more...EVER.

Why I will keep getting message from people like you:
1. Only the people interested in my stories will actually take the time to read them (most important) and potentially even rate them up or even better, LEAVE AN ACTUAL COMMENT
2. Most of the people that fall under this category will never read this story
3. Some of you will still try just because I am a pretty face.

So thank you if you, indeed, did take the time to read this or even if you didn't. Because if you did, I will actually value you for just respecting I want friends only. And if you didn't, I will just laugh and either block you or heck I might even be in the mood just to link you right back to this story :)


FortressV FortressV
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3 Responses Oct 11, 2013

lol, classy, very good

WELL FLIPPIN' SAID!!!! wish i had penned this myself.

You still top the cake love but thank you! ^_^ And as you might have seen the haters just keep on coming. lol

gawd what an IDIOT that guy was!!! and aw, thank you


Glad someone got a laugh besides just me )