What is it with some men today? Cross dressing..do you think we find this attractive? Pooping and peeing as sexual expressions...really? Adult babies?Come on guys what has brought on this foolishness. Although to each his own just stay off my page and message board.
I love my alpha males and men who cherish who they were born to be.
Thank you men...you know who you are and we cherish and adore you!
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People can do what they want. As long as it doesn't involve me. By the way those Victoria Secret thongs are uncomfortable.

I see this post, got sown upset. To each there own. People get over it!! I like in NYC. And we have a fee school for gay teens!!! What's next job, housing and land only for the gay!!!! We are all human!!

because they are always dependent and have never tried to become independent


please thoughts make dependent and thought makes the life independent

Lol, again

Of course you cherish and adore us. And we do know who we are. But we also understand that there are many who are not of us, and live in a world of very different exchanges. It is many of them who need your understanding, and not us.

Please tell me what understanding...understanding for what?

I have an update....in talking to a friend today on another site I found out that women have anew level of competition....shemales and cross dressers....really? Yes, according to him males a beginning to choose them as partners for sex as they know what men want and how to please them and they offer less drama.
If one knows history this has happened before....the Roman Empire, during King James' reign and now again....why do we keep repeating depravity thinking it is enlightenment?

I am a 43 yr old, I will deal with the drama of a women before getting into a relation with a another GUY!!!
The one thing I love about a women is seeing them in a towel. I can not really have in my head seeing another guy like that. If your born gay I understand, but for me to be with other men because he knows what I like!!! I have no problem telling a women what I like!! The problem is that every child is being thought that going out with the same sex is ok!! You just blow the head away. Because my gay friend once told me this and u did not believe him!!! Until now dam what news

Ah but I am...you just lack understanding.

Lol, some folks just provide amusement disguised as intellect....

King James, Henry IIX, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Adam & Eve, keep repeating? A society may indeed repeat depravity, or anything else. But every time that is to be the case, a different individual must do so for the first time, once.
Don't worry women, you will not be obsolete in your lifetime.

I am not worried nor interested in becoming understanding to their depravity. I just do not want them contacting me. Their choices disgust me! But so do many other behaviors today.

So you are beginning to feel like you don't belong.

Not at all

It sounds like you have had some terrible experiences. Someone who you thought you could trust, hit on you in a way that to you was disgusting. Someone invaded your space, and disappointed you.

Wrong assumption...

Yet a clothed way to change the conversation to an accusation.

Lol....you give me a good chuckle.

Ah....making more ASSumptions I see.

I see it as totally self consumed while demeaning yourself and others defending your position. If one is confident there is no need to attack with speculations.

I never assume anything!

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