EP deleted a story in which I wrote nothing more than "I like sun bath naked in desert beaches"....

Where is the problem??????
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EP delete my stories
when I write only " Bellybutton play" :(

For encouraging unhealthy practices . . . perhaps you should have mentioned that you were wearing sunscreen and a straw hat ;-)

There are no beaches in desert.
So you can't be naked and it is risk to your life.

Naked is the offending word.
Let us be friends.

Wow, really? They are getting strict, eh?


EP is too uptight. One of Nudy's accounts was froze and everyone of his stories were deleted. Even the ones about good friends Nudy met on EP.

Bare Hugs

looks like they accept pervs but not kind people who likes to stay naked!

Nudity is about relaxing and comfort. Yes it can be involved with sex, but so can going to a night club, beach or party. Should those stories be suspended too?

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