I get a text from a ex telling me it's his birthday tomorrow and would live a birthday blow job and is available from 8am-12pm after that he is busy. I don't respond get another a few min later good night. A few more minutes i another one I'll text you in the am.
Are you f%$% serious?? I thought that was pretty ballzy!!! But yet I used to run every time he called. It was amazing sex but I'm realizing I'm a better person then that right?
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Yes, you are.

He can blow his own....birthday candle.

I am sure you are now !! Where r u from by the way ?

lol New york

Musta been some damned fine head to go grovelin like that. You ftw! ;)

lol ive been told , unlike some I enjoy it. He shouldn't of treated my like crap .

No one should treat ANYone like that. Karma presides - as always. ;)

And by 'like that' I mean 'like crap.' Please continue to do what you enjoy, of course. :)

lol I will . And whoever it may be they better watch out its been a while lol

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He is a lost cause. I don't imagine he has any real friends that would stand behind him through thick and thin. Don't get sucked in by men like him. There are plenty of us men out there who know how to treat a woman in any situation that arises.

you right he didn't have to many friends . his friend are his job,money,hot tub and a beer & shot. And guess where I came in? but yet he was possessive with me and I still don't get why .

At least you know he likes what you did. Yep that's quite some nerve.

And 7:36 this morning I received another text grrrr

Yes your right. He did always make me feel as if I wasn't good enough for him any ways.

Tell him to FO, you deserve better than that.

how long now he is your x?

2 months

2 month is not long maybe he is considering to get back to you but his method of doing that is stupid


dated for 2 months ex 8 months

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Wow!! Dbag alert!

I mean hey, the head must be good lol

yes it is..

The best ;)

GOOD FOR YOU! Amazing sex you can find any where...amazing people are the diamonds you want in your life.

well I disagree about the amazing sex. There was a very special sexual connection. Your right about the diamonds I have a few. And he is not one any longer. I just need to keep reminding my self no more toxic people.

I just feel bad for you having to put up with this piece of $h%t for as long as you did!!!