Are you serious?? Ran to the local wally world (Wal-Mart) to get a loaf of bread dozen eggs, and a gal of milk. pay for, it get in the car, get home unload freaking half a gal of milk leaked out in the bag!! I be a ......, get in side transfer milk in to a pitcher, put eggs away, and son asks for a peanut butter brand new loaf of bread and ......its freakin molded!!!! grrrrr.....grabs keys hangs head, mumbles some very un lady like words.....back to town I go....grrrrrr!!!
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That's Wal-Mart for ya.

Yes I think i would have said a couple bad words myself ol

well you had every right to say them

and I forgive you for using bad words lmao ;)

I prefer the dollar store cuz then I don't have to get all dressed up like I do when I go to Walmart.

Standing in Walmart line now.... Checking food.....


Dealing with Wal-Mart is akin to dealing with the devil. But I have the same issue--a super Walmart is the only game in town-there are a few other grocery stores-and i need to switch.

OMG! Yes... I feel dirty after I leave each time. Unclean. We used to have a Jamesway, Big Wheel and Montgomery Ward-OK--in fairness they are all out of business.(and not forced out by WM) And a KMart-which left BEFORE WM broke ground! (which DID leave because of WM)

So sad . isn't it? his is our second incarnation of Wal Mart- a regular and now a super. Before ground broke FOR THE 1st--they were gone. How far back was that-The NES and Genesis were still the gaming systems of choice. K Mart was nice-but the layout was really screwy. They have improved.

Thank you for making me smile this morning :)

complain loudly! I'm embarrassed when my wife does it but she gets all kinds of special free things from the manager trying to keep a customer whom his minimum wage morons have offended.

That's so annoying. I'm sorry. It's worse than me forgetting half of what I meant to pick up

Bad night. It will get better

Those dirty rotten sunsabitches!!!