A Little Louder Please? The Neighbors Three Floors Down Didn't Get The Last Part

When younger, I had some good pipes and could scream when I was angry. Now, I don't understand it at all. If anything, it begins to hurt my head after a while. Not that I don't argue, I think its important to try to work things out so that everyone understands eachother, but noise never compensates for content. The other day I could hear my dad yelling and pounding on the table, and I just roll my eyes. Is that really necessary? And I'm not the only one whose head throbs after a juicy argument. I remember once when I was 12 or 13, I was having an argument with my mom (i know, what's new). Back then I was a yeller, so we yelled back and forth for about an hour. Meanwhile I had my teacher's pet chinchilla on my lap (I was babysitting her during the summer break). All I remember is when I put the chinchilla back in her cage, I noticed how red her ears were, and I felt bad. If she could talk, I'm sure she would have told us, "SHUT UP!!!!" and she would be right. I've changed over the years, and never raise my voice anymore, its just not necessary.
endofseptember endofseptember
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2010