I Do Too, Yep:)

Argue with myself, sure, all the time, mentally, when trying to figure something out, or wrestling with some problem...or decision...purring all the way:)

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hehe, formerly...funny...(wink:)

Most of mine are out-loud, and full of witty banter (that sometimes devolves into snide comments). I get a lot of strange looks when I do it in public, but hey, I entertain myself, and occasionally a complete stranger will make a helpful or humorous interjection (accompanied by a knowing wink).

heeh paddytram so right, thanks for posting a comment, paw hugs sweetie:)

I do too, but its my innerself, I am glad of such because it makes me think, try to rationalize why I am doing or going to do. See it as a "Safety Valve" sometimes and I feel it is what separates us from the animals, we just don't act on instinct alone. I think it is good for everyone. BUT if I start arguing out on the Parking lot or threaten myself, then its gone a little too far and some intervention, be it devine or earthly, maybe needed. A Great Day unto you! Take Care.

Yes! The worse thing I do is complain outloud. It's so annoying ..obviously my brain gets tired of ME. LOL. My conscious tells my subconscious to shut up! HA! Yet, l can't stop doing it .

paw hugs, wise owl, thanks, youre a light here...:) love you! ..yes Iknow its the...little ..oh darn ...something goes wrong or you hide something, ever do that? then cant find it, and start talking now where did I put that...sigh..I know its here ...ah well, its a human thing I guess..purrrr:)

I had to smile at this..I argue with me all the time. It's a little bit funny too. I have actually told me to "just quit!' Seriously,I really said it out loud..too weird, but it happens.

hey you:) unshakable, hugs, thanks, you know its great to have good people and all the rest of you here in EP..it must makes the place sparkle!

I do sometimes when i was stubborn.Have a blessed day.

hi OhYoDaddysRich;)...thanks for the comment")

Sure, sounds wise to me...(dont tell anyone, but, uh, i've lost a few too with myself: :) thanks for the post Halen.

hi giggles my sweet friend,, thanks for that comment. ")<br />
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lordvoldemort, Hi there! ...yes, dont we all, thanks!:)<br />
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salar1,..thanks! Appreciate your comment...yes, my mind is pretty good and pretty active when Im not tired from decisions decisions decisions:).

Aah, I'm glad to see I am not alone! But there is an upside to arguing with yourself....you always win the argument :)

Indecision the lament of an over active mind ......

me too,