New Army GF

I met my boyfriend almost two months ago right after I moved back to florida and he came here on leave to visit his family. We met when I went to the college to fill out stuff about enrolling in classes and he was driving to go pick up his little brother from school and saw me walking from the campus (My car was broken down at the moment). He introduced himself and asked if I needed a ride anywhere. I accepted. On the way to my apartment, we could not stop talking about everything and I started falling for him at that moment. We exchanged numbers before I got out o the car and went up to my apartment. Not even five minutes after he left he texted me saying he was glad he met me and that he would like to take me out on a date if I was willing to go. I was so excited and nervous at the same time, but went on the date. Nothing fancy, but he picked me up that night and we went to the beach and sat in the sand looking at the moon, drinking beer(him) and smironoff (me), and talking. We ended up talking until roughly 2 in the morning before I finally said I needed to go home for work in the morning. Our days continued like this for nearly three weeks. Then he had to leave to go back to North Carolina (where he is sationed) but he promised he would put in his transfer back to florida as soon as flight medic school was over. After almost two months of dating (which we had said we loved each other from that first night on), He said he wanted to marry me as soon as possible and wanted to ask my parents for my hand this coming May when he came for his next 3 week leave for my birthday. I love him and I want to marry him as well. Anyways this weekend was planned for me to drive to NC to see him for the weekend I did all my homework for college up for two weeks so I would be stressing about that while there over the weekend and had everything all planned. Then what I feared would be tough when it happened. I got a phone call at 5 30am this last monday on the 28th (at this point it has been a month since I have seen him) that he loves me with all his heart and miss me so much, but I cant come up there this weekend, and he wont be able to talk to me for a few weeks and he cant tell me why or whats going on just yet, but as soon as he is able to he will. He told me to be safe and strong and to focus on school work and our wedding until he could get a hold of me and that he will as soon as possible. I havent talked to him since then. I am not new to the reality of military life, but I am new to the military relationship. The only thing is I love him too much to not continue to wait and be strong, because I cant even look at any other guys without seeing him in my head. I cant stop thinkig about him. I havent cried yet which I had thought would have happened by now, but maybe the reality isnt hitting me yet or something? I dont know. I just would like to have some advise on how to handle not knowing what is going on with your army bf/fiance. I would also like to meet some new friends who are also army gfs/fiances/wives.

NewArmyGF20 NewArmyGF20
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2013