I Am Having A Rough Time Today.:(

So lets start off by saying I have been dating my army special forces soldier for almost 2 months. I havent seen him in a month and a week, because he is stationed in NC for now. I was suppose to go see him this weekend, but I got the dreaded call monday morning at 5 am from him (for some reason I had woken up right before he called and felt something in my heart telling me to call him when I got his call in the middle of sending him a text) He told me I couldnt come see him this weekend and he didnt know when the next time we would be able talk would be but that he would call or write me as soon as he was allowed to. He said he loved me and missed me so much and hes sorry he cant tell me what hes doing or whats going on, but it has to keep secret and he didnt want me to worry about him. He said he would make sure to come back to me and as soon as he did we would get married. He told me to concentrate on my schooling (im in college) and working and planning for our wedding to keep me busy. He said not to stress for I will be back in his arms asap. I havent heard from him since then and I believe its starting to hit me now just how much my heart is aching for him. I find myself not able to focus on hw or at work from thoughts of him evading every part of my life. Thoughts of worry, thoughts of sorrow, etc. I wish I had friends here to hang out with and talk to, but being fairly new to florida I dont really have friends here. Plus I dont think my friends could understand what I am going through. I just need some army gf/wives to talk to, hang out with, or whatever.
NewArmyGF20 NewArmyGF20
18-21, F
Feb 1, 2013