A Couple Of Poems I Wrote About My Army Soldier: Hope Yall Enjoy≪3

My Army Guy <3
Makes me smile,
when you hold me a while.
Kisses me passionately,
you don't take this lightly.
Picks me up in the sky,
you never tell me a lie.
Has high standards,
for me you bend over backwards.

My army man is all mine,
he treats me more than fine.
My army man protects me,
he sets my worries and fears free.
My army man is handsome,
he is more than anyone can fathom.
My army man is the sweetest,
he is also in my eyes the bravest. <3

True Love <3
One day is all it took for you to sweep me off my feet,
you stole my heart and made it skip a beat.
You are far away for a while,
if I had a chance to be with you I would run every mile.
You took a piece of my heart when you had to take off,
in return I have a piece of you to keep me tough.
I replay a memory of us when I can't stop missing you,
I often wonder if missing me sometimes makes you blue too?
I can't tell you how many tears I've cried,
or how many times I fought them back or at least tried.
I know ill be in your arms soon enough,
but waiting and worrying keeps getting even more rough.
I keep trying to do what you said by being strong,
but the only way I feel complete is with you where I belong.
I hope you know just how much I love you,
because I would never do anything to make you blue. <3

I hope y'all enjoyed reading these. I know I am not the best of writers, but all comments are appreciated.
NewArmyGF20 NewArmyGF20
18-21, F
Feb 1, 2013