Things You Need To Know Which Do Not Appear On Mainstream Media.

The pictures contained in the link are graphic photos of dead and mutilated men women and children and may be disturbing to some people.
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i'll be the first to admit that i do not know much about the current situation in Palestine or Israel.
Your words hardly put you in any place to be objection. These images will be used to reinforce a post made this morning my time in the I am christian group and it may or may not fill in some blanks. The issue is to raise awareness of the real situation not what comes from the mainstream media propaganda, my friend i hae over thirty years research from hard cover books ( from libraries) and since i have been on the internet so much more is available on a daily basis, there is a new word coined by another as follows, holocaustianity not sure if it listed anywhere, if you want to make an informed decision about the Israel beginning i can forward same for you to make up your own mind, i will challenge till my last breath any Christian that supports the genocide crimes against humanity by the Zionist occupiers of Jerusalem, if you believe the Saviour of mankind would condone this Satanic behavior you will have to give me chapter and verse as no one can.

please do not misunderstand me. I support nothing that is against the doctrine of Jesus Christ! And that leaves me being against most things humans do. I did not mean to suggest that the Savior would condone this, yet many things in the prediction of the end of the world, could be classified just as satanic, but it portrays the actions of the people not the will of Jesus Christ. I think you misunderstand me. I think both sides are committing atrocities and that's just a historical fact! If Israel is currently being the most vile, that just points to current situation not the history of the conflict, One thin does remain! God said that the nation of the Canaanites will be a yoke on the neck of Israel! and it's never said that this would end. So God saw and mentioned this situation in judges. pointing clearly that it will not end! there will never be peace between those two nations! they will ALWAYS be in conflict with each other! Note: this does not mean i or god condone it! It id what it is. I maintain however that the pictures on their own are not unbiased representation. there's not even a story to tell you what happened to the individuals portrayed in the photos. the whole site makes note of the atrocities of Israel, and i'm sorry i will not sit here thinking that it's a one sided problem! I'm concerned then when i understand my bible, that i am not allowed to give false witness, does this type of biased reporting not pertain to a false witnessing of the facts? which is why i expected you and asked for a unbiased equal representation of the entire situation in that part of the world. Do you personally think any amount of protest from either side will make it stop? I'll add something i have picked up from bible predictions... and i might be wrong but it fits... a leader will rise out f ten nations (europe) and this leader will ENFORCE the peace treaty between these two nations. this will result in WAR. I'd go look for the reference if you wish. and like i say i might be wrong. but then the preceding events are eerily similar. we have talked about the timeline of biblical predictions, and know we differ greatly. I am however still busy with my research on this as it's A LOT more work than i thought. I have however learned one thing. situations in the world, is never a clear black and white picture. i will reaffirm my stance on israel and palestine to avoid confusion: I think both nations have done the most terrible things imaginable against each other, i think it's as evil as any other human atrocity! but i think it's an inevitable sequence of human events that is busy ringing in the end of this world...

This post is to rebut all the so called evidence from the perspective of Israel, the Zionist movement has the American government by the throat, they control the money, the media and hollywood, they are the greatest ecponents of propaganda in the world. there are but a handful of posts thatwent up yesterday to put words to those pictures, you have the choice to read them and then make an informed decision, alwaysd rememember that there is a synagogue of satan and it sits in Jerusalem controlled by its namesake, Rev 2;9 and 3;9 read some of the posts and i look forward to any reply.

thank you for the clarification, i was merely pointing out that this single post, and not knowing of the other relating to this specific one, i just happened apon it because it was you who posted it and i like reading your views. i just thought this seemed a bit biased. i didn't even get to read the stories behind the horrific photos. so you shock but don't inform. regardless I do agree with alot of what you have to say in many of your posts. At the end I look at the world and the things that are happening. And to me it's not a question of who is MORE wrong! but rather to see that everyone is wrong! that's the point of Christs' salvation! Judging either way to me is not acceptable! I personally think the whole thing is ridiculous! People killing and fighting other people about who a piece of real-estate? I don't care what religious significance it holds to whom! It's beside the point! you want to worship the ground God moved on or the God who moved on the ground! similarly i find america as idiotic in their world view as muslims! There is one true Gospel and one true Doctrine. The constitution of a Godly nation is laid out no matter what creed class or race you happen to be! The fact remains as always we as humans do not have the ability to uniformly follow such a strict moral stance. Which brings us back to our Savior, and the reason for Jesus Christ to come and save each an everyone of us! Judging people not by their label of "christian" or "muslim" or "hindu" either "pre Christ" or "post Christ" He will judge everyone! and he dies for everyone's sins! which leaves us again not able to judge anyone! All we do know Is that If you realize that Jesus is truly God then you will see paradise! there is debate whether heaven is in paradise or whether heaven is paradise, i'm not set either way. the fact remains that Jesus judges each man, and no matter what clues the Bible leaves as to who is saved you cannot know from person to person what is inside their hearts. So those people responsible for evil in the world be it Israeli, Palestinian, Muslim, Christian, Republican, Democrat, Baptist, Jehovah Witness, they are all equal in their evil. I refuse to take any side that isn't God's side :o) and neither of those two nations are on the side of God! no matter what they claim! that goes doubly for america and any other oppressive "christian" nation!

If you can show me the atrocities committed by unarmed civiians ( aside from kids throwing rocks at tanks) then you are obligated to produce them my friend, that is the way we function show me the evidence divorced from the Zionist propaganda machine, i am biased because i lean on the teaching of the One we say we love.

i think your trying to misrepresent what i said. In which case i will leave you to it. My point was quite clear. Jesus Christ is against ALL evil. not just those which upset you. The fact that what is happening is a biblical prophecy is it seems quite clear. So then all of this is one more event towards the inevitable destruction of this world. The evil zionist movement is a clear fact! As is the terrible things that have been done in the name of christianity over the ages! I support and stand by none of it! it is all against Christ Jesus. my initial point remains! If Christians want to tell the truth. then the truth must be wholly told. I have no story with your pictures except death! I do not know how these people dies, where or when. It is clear they did and i'm sure it is as is implied. but where is the truth? i'm not wanting to debate biased vs unbiased. We as christians are told to be truthful witnesses. telling half the story of half of the story is not truth! not saying your pictures are wrong! please understand me! But presenting it to show people the truth is like quoting the Bible to an atheist to show him that God exists! If you truly want to reach people then i still think that the truth you bring must be clearly distinguishable to anyone viewing it as an unbiased and therefore true opinion. If i am wrong i apologize, but then that is my personal perception of ANYTHING ANYONE has to say about ANYTHING. which is why i listen strictly to Jesus Christ's word alone

If you are not prepared to read the other posts to support the pictures doesn't matter to me, this site was raised to combat the lies coming from mainstream media and not just to be controversial. You either agree with the killing of innocent civilians as being something that Jesus endorses, including ethnic cleansing and genocide or you speak out against it, two men can't walk the same path unless they agree. It was a short friendship, i believe Jesus died for all including Arabs and Muslims.

oh wow thanks for the judgement! :o) If you speak as a christian you are expected to be a truthful witness, now i believe what is happening against Palestinians is truly happening, and it is terrible. But If you as a christian are trying to bring to light the atrocities in the world, i would expect one to do it in such a way that an outside observer cannot claim a biased view on what is reported. Your endorsing what you hate about the Zionist. If you then want to judge me because i notice the same tactic, then you go ahead Jesus knows exactly what is in my heart, i do not seek your approval. But i do see your judgement and that tells me a lot more about you than what you may or may not know about the conflict in Israel. your not helping to bring light to the situation when people do not trust the credibility of the witness. so by professing yourself to do good, you end up doing harm. for one you have completely alienated me from your zealous view, If your judgement is a part of your belief then i'll remain true to Christ and reserve that right for Him. You are never to old to learn, and don't look onto a young man as a fool. Unless you profess yourself to be so wise as to know everything, and that you are inevitably right about everything? then i hope your immense wisdom will in time teach you humility, patience, understanding and the true Love in Christ. and yes Jesus did die for everyone, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, and Zionists. And you know what even against your judgement He died for me too

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churinga i have the utmost respect for you i hope you know that. and i'll be the first to admit that i do not know much about the current situation in Palestine or Israel. I admit to ignoring political news as it's almost always biased. I looked in on your story because i honestly expected a unbiased view from you. I am however presented with photo upon photo of people with no story behind the photo! as horrifying as the images are! they are without a story behind them. this is not reporting of facts, but rather distorting the mind of the viewer. i for one am distorted and left wondering what's happening over there. and if your objective was to raise awareness to the issue then you have succeeded. But even the links in the link are biased views that do not tell both sides of the story, the reason why i ignore media interpretation all together. I do have a personal question from my personal christian view point. The Bible indicates the timeline till the end of the earth. It all seems quite fixed and un-appose-able. note not because God wants it. but because He knew it would happen from the start. I'm not saying what Israel is or isn't doing is right or not. but didn't Judges 2 clearly state this the conflict between palestine and israel will be there forever? then can we really hope to appose it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
at the end of it all both sides have been responsible for horrific acts against one another! I am glad neither call themselves a Christian nation because that type of example we do not need on top of all the other "look what they did in the name of their God" arguments. I just think compounding the problem doesn't help either way. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
knowing your skill in writing and in research, i would hope to rather see a clear unbiased representation of what is going on there as far as you can ascertain from both sides equally. now that would be a read i truly would enjoy! especially if it contained a brief history of the conflict and problems in the region. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I hope you will add to this post. If only for the sake of those who wish to be equally informed, or just me :o)