Occupation 101: The Truth About The Israeli Palestinian Occupation.

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@ reaperofface.
You do not find information like this unless you look for it, and have an open mind.
These posts by dedicated men and women are sorely needed to counter the propaganda machine owned and controlled by Zionism worldwide not just the USA. Zionism is Satanism dressed up to snare the unwary, we are not in the dark, Jesus warned about the Synagogue of Satan, which can be found where you see the blue Hexagram flying.

I cannot deny anything you say. and i'm truly grateful for the things i've come to know thanks to your posts. i don't want to criticize you for the important thing you are doing. I just point out that your approach must always be from love, equality, and understanding. this particular video i really enjoyed think it's one of the better ones i have come across online especially in the scope it deals with the situation. just again with the greatest respect to you, the way you tell a story will depend on whether people listen or not. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am very aware of Jesus warning against the synagogue of Satan, just as a point of interest is there a mention of the blue hexagram either by Jesus or the Bible? just for interest sake.

The Jewish symbol is the Mennorah always has been, the Hexagram is Satanic.
I have posted articles about the Hexagram but when i have put up nearly 900 stories i can't always recall what went where,if i find a lead i will post it again.
My approach may not be your approach because i don't fall for this love by feeling, true love is to will to love, a huge difference, they tell me i am a hateful person in many areas, that comes with telling Gods truth, if you really love someone living in sin and living seperate from God then the truth should always be to the fore, the presentation might seem harsh, but that is in the eye of the reader, if God is pleased nothing else matters.

just please remember that we are all fallible men. and God loves all of his creation. there are many jews deceived by satan. and they know not what they do. similarly there are many christians who similarly do terrible things because they have been deceived by false doctrines. similarly there are many muslims deceived by a false prophet. i will never support ANY violence however! not in the name of God, Christ, or any nation. Christ brought peace, and that is the only side i will ever support!
I agree with you that as long as God is pleased! but he will be more pleased the more people we reach, therefore our approach must remain like that of Jesus. His righteous anger is not against the sinner but against the sin. but he surrounds himself with sinners! with those who are saved already have received the truth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
one question i've often wondered about. Is there a still a true Jewish People who follow God's old testament as given by Moses and the prophets? or do all of denominations prescribe to the talmud? And if so. what does these Jews believe about Jesus? If they would exist and adhere to the prophets they must surely then see Jesus is the Messiah? just curios

His righteous anger is not against the sinner but against the sin.
That train of thought cannot be found in the Bible, it is attributed to Mahatma Ghandi, the Bible says you sin you die, the wages of sin is death. You cannot water that down. we reach no one, the Bible says that no one comes to Christ unless the father draws him and that fact takes away any personal achievement. There are ultra/ and orthodx jews throughout the world, these jews condemn Zionism, i posted a video this morning also another about the hexagram, the Zionists are not Abrahamic jews they are samaritans who can be traced back to Babylon and it's paganism.

i am currently downloading that video you posted...
I believe strongly that Jesus came as an example of what we should aspire to as humans. He was most always kind and loving even when judas betrayed him he still showed love and compassion. he spent his life surrounding himself with sinners, just look at the disciples, when he did loose his temper and show his righteous anger, example when he's angered with the trading at the temple. He got angry and attacked the sin. not the sinners. God is the only one who can judge this world! We are not the tools of His judgement, we as Christians should live our lives aspiring to be like Jesus. If one man strikes another i will rush to the struck down mans side to comfort and help him. but i will not strike down the attacker on behalf of myself or the struck down man. I will sooner die than pick up arms against another! judgement is not mine

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I'm still downloading the video you link. i saw the first part and it's again terrible to see what happens in gaza. I know you think me a heathen apposing your views, i don't really care as i've said. I do agree it's truly terrible. I don;t know how one sided the view point is. I would like to point you to this video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDHNNtyjfts That is the type of reporting I truly respect. and can refer anyone to watch as the facts of the situation is given clearly! and the point is clearly made that death is terrible. whoever is the recipient. I hope i have in some way cleared up your previous misconception of me and my view points. If not oh well. will still follow your informative posts.

brilliant documentary in your link, one i can truly recommend to anyone looking for a clear picture. I am shocked into my foundations by what is happening in the name of God! the day of judgement is inevitable.