Why Evangelicals And Khazars Hate This Video.

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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

This land belongs to the Jewish people because God, in Scripture, said it's theirs and that they would return to it. I believe it was the 6-day war (?) that was flat out miraculous - God clearly fought on the side of the Jewish people. The Jewish people for 2,000 years have been a "scattered" people. Of course, now, they are going to come from all manner of directions! Their bloodline is probably intermingled with all of us. They haven't had a "home" so wherever they've been you can be pretty sure that not all of them were purely true to their faith, and did intermarry. So we're likely to see Jews of many skin colors. I'm trying... in my best understanding of the Bible, like it or not, the conflicts in the middle east were prophesied, and will continue to the return of Jesus. Maybe God was always speaking of heaven, and never meant an actual piece of land on earth, but the Jewish people have in their minds that he meant that piece of land. It appears to me that God aided the Jews to get back into it. HE has a purpose in all this... that I KNOW and TRUST. You're a new challenge to me... to my thinking... but I'll remind myself! once again that the heart of salvation is faith in Jesus. All "side issues" including this one (the new challenge for me) are not the core of our faith.

I have noted your reply and as stated before it isn't my intention to change anyones opinion, that is Gods work, the point being is to inform people that are not aware that all coins have two sides, as such people can make an informed decision, as to side issues, to me this is influenced greatly by where the individual places themselves as to the 'Once Saved Always Saved" group is this where you are placed?