I Am Her Girl In The Bedroom

Shortly after we first met, we discovered that it works for us when my wife is on top when we have sex. I am a flop when expected to be on top and to take a sexually aggressive role, but I always get so horny (and hard) when being taken, with the woman on top.
I have been crossdressing back to my earliest childhood, at the same time being submissive towards females. And now all my fantasies have become fulfilled: My wife is taking me like a girl in the bedroom, always on top, with me in my beautiful nighties, bra and panties beneath. WOW, this is so much exciting when she is pinning me like a vulnerable schoolgirl, making me helpless like a beetle on its back ! Even during the vanilla intercourse we had a fantasy as if she were penetrating me, in an ultimate power exchange.
So my wife became curious what it would be like when she could really penetrate me like a girl. Bying a *******-***** for her hade become mandatory. And since we got it, now she is always taking me with the *******. We are in a heaven ! This is ultimate power surrender. She has become the man in the bedroom. And I am so happy to be her girl to be taken. If it were ever possible, she would make me pregnant, she told me. "Oh yeah!" I replied. "I would love it to carry the child from you!"
Being penetrated by a strong and dominant wife with a *******-*****, a genetic male will never be the same as before.
No doubt, she has gained so much power outside the bedroom as well !
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way back when i was 24 to 28 i had a gf that was the aggressor. She used to dress me in lingerie and do me with a strap on. It was great sex, but not our total life. <br />
<br />
I have been very frustrated by women who just lay there, expecting me to do all the work. I have tried being with guys for the past year, oddly they are pretty similar in that way. They want me to do the work, except for penetration. Then they dont mind taking control, lol

Ms. Gina is always on top duirng sex of any kind. The only time i am on top is when "She puts me there" because She wants me to ride Her Strap on while She plays with other parts of me. The Wife on top, is the proper place where we sub hubbys belong. Serving our Wives their right to have sex when they want it, where they want it, how they want it. Mr. Gina.

Responded well, you are a good subject.

i am so happy that my comment pleses You Mistress Catherine. i am even more pleased Mr.Gina was pleased by it.

Monika your wife is fantastic iwish to have the same ...dreaming daily...

Monika...you and your Wife sound exactly like us. I am ALWAYS the Fem bottom in the bedroom because i feel so inadequate as a male and really can not (perform) nor would i want to. She has me in the prettiest nighties while She wears just panties and does any damn thing She wants to to me and I LOVE it! Until prostate surgery we used the S/O often but since then She feels She might hurt me and i understand but miss those times.Would love to talk more with you and your wonderful Woman.

Whitchwyman...dont give up on your search! My wife and I have been married for 12 years. 10 of them bland and uninteresting until we discovered I was the submissive. Now I am her slaveboy, doing her bidding whether its ironing her uniforms for work, doing laundry, cleaning up the house, servicing her in the bedroom, or watching the kids while she takes a long weekend with the girls. I am obedient. I dont dare disobey her. Currently she has me locked in chastity and Ive been told no ******* until Christmas! She has had over 75 ******* this year to my 10. She told me having an ****** once a month is plenty for me. Once around the Christmas holidays. Once before the end of the year if I'm a good boy. She is already hinting around that there will be no ******* in 2012. (I can't wait to be her total ***** next year!!)

That is so hot, and I am one jealous sissy!

No doubt, Mistress Catherine, women always belong on top !<br />
My wife is not keeping me in chastity but I would obey if she decides I should be. I am often thinking about, and may well be we will go for it when I will be her obedient housewife next year, after retiring from work. So I am curious about Poulettesoumisé´s experiences.<br />
Knowing our place, and embracing our vulnerable and passionate femininity, we love it to be under your control. Submissive curtsey, Monika

This is a beautiful relationship you have Monika. you are so lucky

My husband has never been to the top of me. I like to dress as a girl with my *****. He remains in chastity cage.