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Ok, what is sex for exactly?

I mean really, what is its meaning and value and it's highest purpose? What is your opinion about what is sex really for?

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3 Responses Jul 13, 2007

Sex is for bonding socially, sex is for pleasure. Sex is for women to ethically control men while being soft, feminine and submissive. Sex is a gateway to spiritual enlightenment and the true rapture.<br />
try reading my Circle of 12 and that'll add a bit more.

You do have many things right. But who brainwashed you? As to bad things on your answer, Born again Christians? I do admire your boldness to answer.

It is for pleasure, release, ex<x>pression, closeness, passion, love, procreation, and fun. Sometimes it's for other things too like revenge, frustration, anger, and denial. It really depends on the context in which the sex occurs.