I Asked "What Is the Best Invention Ever..

It was supposed to say something about the personalities of the people responding, and voting.


The voting disturbed me.

some language in there offended me.

Ok. forget that.

I got lots of great answers too.  :)

I had to pick a favourite.

I can't actually contact the winner, so that's actually the first reason I had to write this story! :p

My favourite answer was from musicspirit.  :D

"I would say music, the universal language, but it's not an invention; it was always there. So I'll say the guitar (my instrument of choice.) It is such a versatile instrument that has contributed to almost all styles of music and inspired many musicians throughout the ages. A symbol of self-expression. What could be more positive than that?
As for toilet paper...well, we could always use crepe paper or that tissue paper stuff couldn't we :P I'd rather have a guitar."   ~musicspirit


Hell yeh! Rock and roll!   This had to be the best answer..


My first thoughts when I was asked this question, were ;

first thought: Bicycle.

on a moment's reflection, Recorded music. 


Some other answers I loved were by

fpc: language      (not really an invention, but this is a personality test not a straight question!)

JojoWazoo: MP3 player.    (I rely on mine now. I have no other recorded music device!)

CoolPenguin: Duct Tape.   (nobody said string.. surprised me.. This is close. I  love duct tape.. )



TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Hell yeah!!! :D Rock on!!! I was surprised that no-one else had mentioned anything similar (such as recorded music like you said.) Toilet paper is nice, but the er...luxury variety that so many people love is killing the trees. Not to mention that it's no way as near as useful as a guitar right? You can live by your guitar but not by your toilet paper...<br />
<br />
I liked the language answer too. Well thought of.