Ask Why

Asking Why seems faithless and none trustworthy with God.

no matter what happens to you and to wonder, God is Testing you, of cores God haves everything planed for you while Satan being the accuser and attacking you, God even use Satan if u have much Faith to handle it? 

That's kinda like making Satan Dumber on earth, or even Dumber than a Group of Jersey Shore's Actors and Actress, for example that is. 

read the book of Job.
it shows you that everything will happen, but rejoice it and focus on God. 
and soon, you will gain much greater than before. 
"don't stop and make excuses or asking why, God will not tolerate Childish reply, that's not his Job, His Job is to test people by Faith. 

NoLifeOnEP NoLifeOnEP
22-25, M
Feb 19, 2012