All I Want to Know Is Why.

I go thought everyday thinking about one person. From when i wake untill i go to sleep. I dont want to think about her. Im tired of thinking about her. I belive that God puts people and things in our life. I want to know why he put her in mine. It drives me crazy everyday. I get agrvated and mad at myself and her. I will never lay a hand on any woman. So i lay a hand upon myself. I know its not the best thing but its better than hitting her or anyone else, or any of my animals. But why do i need to put up with all of this. Enouff to make me go off and hit myself.  Normal people dont do that, or at least not everyday and not all there might. WHY?
takeawildguess takeawildguess
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 15, 2007

Actually, you are not alone. Many people hit themselves on a daily basis ,even more than once a day. This is a form of self-injury. I and other people I know suffer from somthing called "cutting". Luckily,it's been almost a year since I last cut myself, but for awhile I would cut my self on a daily basis as much as 3 or more times a day. To learn more about self injury and learn you are not alone visit the following website: I wish you all of the best!! Feel free to message me back!!