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If you like to know anything about me; you can ask and I'll try replying as best as I can.
Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
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Do you enjoy giving men
hand jobs, sweetie?

I don't know if you are still responding to this AMA, but here goes: What is the most erotic story you have read on EP and did it make you want to play with yourself? Just asking...

neugierig: You dare me? First of all, I'm not into, peeing, pooping kinda thing and I'm surprised seeing a question of this sort. As per farting: the human body passes gas on a daily basis and being normal, we pass gas as much as 14 times a day.

By the way, we all pee or poop and not everyone do it in diapers. I've been potty trained every since I'm small and it will remain this way. To answer to your question; peeing, pooping and farting is part of life.

I dare you to answer also my "special" questions related to my pants wetting fetish: What about your experiences in pants peeing ? Do you pee your pants a lot ? Did you get caught with it? And anyone in your family or other friends (girls or boys) know about your occasional pants wetting? Know you anyone else in your real life that pees her pants too? Have you told anyone in your environment about pantspeeing? If so, what was the reaction ? Have you pooped your pants (by accident, when drunk or on purpose) as an adult ? And what about farting, do you do it a lot? And have you ever sharted your pants (wet fart with poo)? <br />
Hope i didn't offense you with my questions

smallpenisslave: No, I am not into small penis humiliation. A penis is a penis, as long as the man know's what they are doing, it is all good!

Hi OoLunaoO;<br />
<br />
WHATEVERRRRR USERNAME: I was pissed and disagreed at some some stuff and I happened to say "whatever" and every since then, I applied it as my Ep username.<br />
<br />
PERSONALITY: Caring, affectionate, friendly, stubborn, somewhat forgiving, loyal, honest, 90%introvert & 10% extrovert, sensitive, serious, somewhat trusting, polite, direct, generous, somewhat courageous, unmotivated (I need a push to start & to end my stuff), low-self esteem, dependant, loving.<br />
<br />
FOUND EP: I accidentally found this site. <br />
<br />
WHAT I LIKE ABOUT EP: I like reading other people's stories. Some of them inspires me. I have been through things and I can see that I am not the only one so I somewhat can relate to some peeps about it. I like seeing how some people cope with bad experiences, it helps me to as it gives me an idea.<br />
<br />
NOT WILLING TO WRITE: To be frank, yes. As per now, I do not wish posting it and at the same time, it doesn't mean it won't be in the future. (If I choose too, is cause I have a good reason for doing it).

why is your username whateverrrrrrr ? <br />
describe your personality? <br />
how did you found ep and what you like about it? <br />
is there anything you are not willing to write in this site?

Jimmy: or maybe 5'9 & 5'10.

Kimberleylynngary: I forgot to write something earlier. I'm sorry too.! <br />
<br />
SM: Wow, your question is a hard one to answer. Even if I have been on EP for almost 2 years, I still don't know everyone and I've changed my circle quite a few times. Sorry to the people I deleted, I still like you! lol :) I just like a small circle. There's people that aren't part of my circle which I think they are smart people. Who would I choose to visit? I would choose you cause you want to meet me and I think it would be nice meeting you too. There's others in my circle who I am fond of and they are very far away but they are close to me on EP. SM; You are also welcome in Montreal, whenever you want to come...I'll be your tour lady! :)<br />
<br />
jimmy: :) I'm between 5"7 & 5"8.

How tall are you?

kimberleylynngary: we definitely can be friends again. Love to have you back in my circle. :) It is not the same without you! :)<br />
<br />
SM: I do like where I live. :)

dixondirtythird: I like Canada. I also been to the States.

Canada & unfortunately, unemployed at the moment.