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Anything Goes

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Which is better, sex with guys or girls?

Kelly, I've tried to add you but it won't let me. Want to add me? And do you know what a "tribute" is?

Oh, you don't know. Nice. I'd love to be the one to show you what a "tribute" is. Add me so we can chat about it? Thanks.

What's your favorite flavor of potato chips? What? Nobody specified they had to be vulgar questions.

Which song do you sing the most in the shower?
What is your Final Destination?

Do you ever wet your pants?

you do?

Do you care if your parents/family see you naked?
Who is allowed to see you naked?

What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?

It's late so my questions are not deep or thoughtful. Just stupid perv stuff, but answer truthfully.1) would you ever sleep with a guy for money 2) would you ever **** a guy 20 years older than you 3) oral, anal vaginal rate in order of enjoyment 4) spit or swallow 5) have you ever let a dog lick your ***** 6) how many women have you been with 7) do you believe in god 8) what is a better economic system - socialism, capitalism or communism. Friend me

have you ever wet yourself on purpose

its so easy to do its not even funny

why are you so pretty?

When you come on here I'll ask.

If you could only have one, which would you choose a 5inch fat **** or a 9inch thin ****

Have you ever kissed a woman

did you enjoy

HOW SHOULD A MAN (a stranger) ASK A WOMAN FOR A DATE WHEN HE MEETS HER SOMEWHERE OUT (on a street, in a shop, at a party..)? is it ok to just stop a girl on a street, tell her that she is beautiful, that i would like to get to know her and ask her for a date (or just out, for a walk, some drink...)?<br />
<br />
i hate the idea of passing a girl who i could have a nice relationship with, but will never have just because i dont find it right to just stop her and tell her that id like to get to know her...<br />
<br />
it would be so easy if this was accepted in our society - just tell a stranger that i am interested in her, ask her out and she can just refuse, saying that she is not interested or whatever... i would smile at her, tell her that it is ok, wished her good day and that would be it...<br />
<br />
how many chances to get to know a fantastic person are wasted by being shy and afraid of the actions of strangers being asked...<br />
<br />
what is your view of it? what would you do if a guy (a stranger) addressed you like that on a street...?

Rate me 1-10 please! and hmm...what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

do you enjoy pooping? have you ever clogged a toilet? What was your longest poop? Are you embarrased by your poop? Do you Poop Wipe then flush, or do you look at your poop first?

no fantasies??? I'm sure you do. come tell me what you think about wen you **********.

Your going to have to work on that if you want a big **** in you with out too much pain. What do you think about when you finger **** yourself. What's your deepest darkest fantasy ?

How many fingers can you get in at once. have you ever been Fisted

I would love to watch you finger your self to ******. have you ever done that before

do you use your fingers or toys?

Do you frequently **********

Do you currently have a lover

What makes you wet

What position do you like

Would you post pictures of you naked here‼

I want to see pics of you nude here please‼

Wow sseems everyone wants nude pics. Nothing wrong with them, You are a pretty woman, but only post them if you want to, not because a buch of guys keep bugging you.

Just wanted to say hello, you don,t repond when i post things on your white board so i will post here. Is the wather getting nice up there over the bridge?<br />
Hope you are well.

Oh ok. That is good to know. I thought maybe I did something to make you mad at me. I hope you are no where near the fires going on there.

Panties: friend or foe? How often do you not wear them?

Do you spit or swallow when doing oral?

No I have not read them but now I want to.<br />
I think I will do this soon.