Yes Please Lol

i would love for you to aske me anything
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Favorite underwear

Spit or swallow?

You are jumped by thugs, undressed to your blue panties and they say that a fist will punch you in your bellybutton twelve times. Your lower belly will be punched nine times (2 hits below the belt). Your boobs will be smashed three times each. As this happens would you prefer to (1) Have your arms held behind your back. (2) Be sitting in a chair with your arms tied behind your back. (3) Have your wrists tied above your head stretching your belly. (4) Be tied spread eagle. Instead of being beaten up would you allow yourself being tied spread eagle, your areoles painfully thumped, your bellybutton aggressively poked then being violently fingered between your legs forcing you to climax?

How are you? If you could meet anyone who has ever lived, who would it be & why would you want to meet him or her?

It's late so my questions are not deep or thoughtful. Just stupid perv stuff, but answer truthfully.1) would you ever sleep with a guy for money 2) would you ever **** a guy 20 years older than you 3) oral, anal vaginal rate in order of enjoyment 4) spit or swallow 5) have you ever let a dog lick your ***** 6) how many women have you been with 7) do you believe in god 8) what is a better economic system - socialism, capitalism or communism. Friend me

have you ever pooped in the woods, in front of somebody, or watched poop come out of your butt?

no none of those things

plz add me

hi, how old were you when you lost your virginity. xxx


i cant send a request. it says your privacy restrictions wont allow me to add you so can you add me?

how often do u get horny?

um idk

There will be a man soon who asks if you walk around the house naked and if you have ever answered the door to a stranger naked... so I am going to beat him to it and see if he still does.<br />
Do you walk around the house naked? Have you ever answered the door to a stranger naked?

no i dont usully walk around the house naked nd i did answer the door naked on a dare once

a pizza guy

would you add me?

sure send me a request

Would you get naked with me?

Would you get naked with me?

idk proably not

how do u get such a nice tan on those sexy legs

Have you ever since family members making out?

haha no

Do you have pretty feet? Can you share a few pictures of your feet for us to rate? Have you ever *********** in school?

um idk maybe and no haha ive never done that

Have you ever gone streaking? With friends?

yep haha it was fun

That is so cool! Can I call you Dakota?

thats my name haha yeah :P

do you like anal? have you had your *** licked? would you add me so i can see your pics?

anal is ok not a huge fan i dont like my *** liked though and sure

Soda or Pop?

haha pop for sure

Morning person or late night person?

late night