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Pretty Please

would you ask me some questions haha
agirlnamedCharlie agirlnamedCharlie 18-21, F 103 Responses Nov 2, 2011

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where do you live? you have a swim suit in almost all your pics. do you live by the beach?

If you were an animal, what would it be and why?

probably a Platypus because i am weird as hell

do you like guys that are shaved

i dont really care but it is nice

Have you ever let someone have a peek under your skirt or catch you changing?

i have not

You mentioned sleepovers in some other posts. I wonder if you ever caught the dad or brother of one of your girlfriends checking you out?

not that i know of

Hello, sweetie! :)

Do you enjoy giving men handjobs?

kind of it can be kinda fun

Do you own any vibrators?.

i do not

Add me darling

Do you enjoy watching two boys get in a fight, like after school? Why or why not?

i wouldnt say i enjoy watching it, i am not a very violent person i dont really like it in general

If you were in a fight and your arms held behind your back, would you prefer to be punched in your face, boobs or belly?

What are three best things you have done and what are the three things you still want to do. I know one of them will be a mom so maybe we should ask 4 instead. Yes I read the other questions

Three best things I've done.
- studied abroad
- attending college
- there are a lot of things tied for 3

Things I want to do
- see the wonders of the world
- get a good career
- get married

Where did you study abroad? What are you studying?

In Italy and France
And education

What does shaving do for you?

Idk not much but guys like it

Why? Just curious.....hahha

I don't know I'm not a guy haha you tell me

Hey Charlie, how fast can you run a mile these days?

Haha idk I haven't timed my self in a long time

Do you like older men? and please add me.

If you were "pantsed" by a girl, what would do next?
1. Pants her back...
2. Slap her ....
3. Nothing.

pants he back probably

Have you ever had a "wardrobe malfunction" in some public setting? Lotsa girls have, and those stories are always so funny! lol

haha well yes actually

Oh? Would you tell me about it? I just LOVE those stories, they're usually good for a big laugh, lol.

haha ok send me a private message and i will i dont feel like typing it all out here

Will do. And if nobody's told you yet today, HappyValentine'sDay. :-)

Hey Charlie, will you add me? it won't let me add you. Thanks.

I would like to hear about that also - you are a lovely young lady!

Hey ... don't leave us hanging ... details, details!! :)

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do you have a boyfriend?

i do not

What would you ask? How would u answer it?

hmm thats a really good question i dont know

You seem to draw in some wacky requests from peeps on this website. How does that make you feel?

haha i dont really know

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

naughty how?

Where you actually embarrassed when you got 'pantsed' or did you enjoy the excitement.

a little of both

what's the thing which you can never feel or find other than just in your dreams?
any such which you can tell me?

hmm i dont know

How old are you? You don't look much older than my 15 year old daughter.

I'm 20 haha

Well, you are lucky then,lol. When you are my age you will probably look 20

I have entered into an agreement with a man, I guess you could say I'm now kept. He is very wealthy and I'm in a really nice apartment and I have lots of stuff and I'm getting paid a lot. One of my rules is that I can't have sex with anyone else but him. I have asked if this goes for girls as well, and he said that we could have a ********* with a girl, but I would have to be submissive to her. So here is the question (well actually 2)
1. Specifically how would you dominate me (spanking, CBT, or any kind of fetish)
2. How much would you ask. Remember he is very wealthy (he owns his own airplane) so money is no object to him. He will fly you to us and put you up in a 4 star hotel.

I'm sorry but I will have to decline

Ok, but how would you dominate me and how much would you ask if you would accept? I'm just curious?

what's the most embarrassing/childish pair of undies you own/have owned? haha

We'll i do have one pair that have teddy bears on them

Haha right on are they like for kids and you still have them?

Do they still fit u

What's the one question you don't want to be asked

This one

Would you break the law to save a loved one?

In a heart beat

What glue did you use to stick your hand to your cheek and did it hurt?

gorrilla glue

Hello Charlie! I like that name for a girl. Your are very pretty but I am a paraplegic looking for someone to spend time with for cuddling and whatever. I really need a FRIEND>

add me

Where is the coolest place you have ever been?

The roman forum

Ah don't know where that is never been there I'm guessing rome

what size are your feet? do you like have them massaged/are they ticklish?