Pretty Please

would you ask me some questions haha
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since what age you shave ?

quite early -since that time always clean shaven ?

Are you a defensive driver?

When you are having sex, do you prefer a white lover or a black lover?

Saw your profile on a mutual friends profile..plz add..would love to see your pics and chat sometime.

i didnt get the unswer to my qiestion yet

What are you studying?

You have obviously traveled some. Besides Rome if you could go anywhere else in the world where would you go?

Have you traveled to other countries before? If so, which ones?

Pardon me do you have any grey poupon? Lol can you and me please.

What kind and color panties are you wearing

Cute :) what kind of panties?

If you were an animal, what would it be and why?

do you like guys that are shaved

Have you ever let someone have a peek under your skirt or catch you changing?

You mentioned sleepovers in some other posts. I wonder if you ever caught the dad or brother of one of your girlfriends checking you out?

Hello, sweetie! :)

Do you enjoy giving men handjobs?

Add me darling

What are three best things you have done and what are the three things you still want to do. I know one of them will be a mom so maybe we should ask 4 instead. Yes I read the other questions

Where did you study abroad? What are you studying?

What does shaving do for you?

Why? Just curious.....hahha

Hey Charlie, how fast can you run a mile these days?

Do you like older men? and please add me.

If you were "pantsed" by a girl, what would do next?
1. Pants her back...
2. Slap her ....
3. Nothing.

Have you ever had a "wardrobe malfunction" in some public setting? Lotsa girls have, and those stories are always so funny! lol

Oh? Would you tell me about it? I just LOVE those stories, they're usually good for a big laugh, lol.

Will do. And if nobody's told you yet today, HappyValentine'sDay. :-)

Hey Charlie, will you add me? it won't let me add you. Thanks.

I would like to hear about that also - you are a lovely young lady!

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do you have a boyfriend?

What would you ask? How would u answer it?

You seem to draw in some wacky requests from peeps on this website. How does that make you feel?

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Where you actually embarrassed when you got 'pantsed' or did you enjoy the excitement.

what's the thing which you can never feel or find other than just in your dreams?
any such which you can tell me?

I have entered into an agreement with a man, I guess you could say I'm now kept. He is very wealthy and I'm in a really nice apartment and I have lots of stuff and I'm getting paid a lot. One of my rules is that I can't have sex with anyone else but him. I have asked if this goes for girls as well, and he said that we could have a ********* with a girl, but I would have to be submissive to her. So here is the question (well actually 2)
1. Specifically how would you dominate me (spanking, CBT, or any kind of fetish)
2. How much would you ask. Remember he is very wealthy (he owns his own airplane) so money is no object to him. He will fly you to us and put you up in a 4 star hotel.

Ok, but how would you dominate me and how much would you ask if you would accept? I'm just curious?

what's the most embarrassing/childish pair of undies you own/have owned? haha

Haha right on are they like for kids and you still have them?

What's the one question you don't want to be asked

Would you break the law to save a loved one?

What glue did you use to stick your hand to your cheek and did it hurt?

Hello Charlie! I like that name for a girl. Your are very pretty but I am a paraplegic looking for someone to spend time with for cuddling and whatever. I really need a FRIEND>

Where is the coolest place you have ever been?

Ah don't know where that is never been there I'm guessing rome

what size are your feet? do you like have them massaged/are they ticklish?

Will you add me?

How\'s about pretty please?

What have you always wanted to be in life?
What are 5 things that make you go weak in your knees?

Would you want to meet an emotional man in RL. I am very happy.

would you consider adding me ?

Do you care if your parents/family see you naked?
Who is allowed to see you naked?

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? :P


What has amazed you most as an experience most on EP?

In what ways? I have seen many trends that show chamges in values and perspectives. For instance the "desire to show off a partner sexually" has grown tremendously from years past. Showing off how pretty your wide was always a trend, but not nearly this sexually. What do you think this means?

I've always thought that people deep down are similar and that we should celebrate and appreciate the differences.

Would you ever let an older guy fly you out to California for a weekend of fun?

Why can't I add you to my circle?
Hurt, crushed, emotionally crippled.

do you know what ballbusting is?

would you ever do it

Do you SHOW your **** or *****??

do have dogs or cats

Have you ever had smelling fingers in the morning, then told someone to sniff LOL

I have LOL

lol do you blow your nose?

I couldn't resist you haha

How does it feel when every guy on here is trying to flirt with you or impress you with stupid comments?

I'm sure you get creep out, however you did asked for (ask me anything )

If you were wearing blue bikini panties with red trim, and was going to be punched in your stomach eight times and jabbed in each boob four times, would you prefer to be. (1) Standing, with your arms held behind your back. (2) Sit in a chair, arms tied behind your back, ankles spread and tied. (3) Wrists tied above your head, stretching and exposing your belly and boobs. You may be fingered while your tied.

Why are you such a sweetheart? I mean you give everyone a chance to chat with you, including the creepy guys.

Like that 40 something year old wearing panties and keeps being a butt?

Oh new question :P

What's your fav hobbies you like to do on your down time?

I like to exercise in the summer LOL I use to watch movies at the theater, however after the events regards to the shooting of (batman) I don't want to.. I mostly play video games and help people, also try to volunteer.

I do play xbox 360, sometimes I play strategy games, puzzle games even though I i'm not accurate with two, however I get the concept. I mostly play rpgs.

Well the game I was playing was borderlands 1 for a while then I just play arcade games on the xbox 360, however I tend to watch more tv. I was playing transformers fall of cyber-tron good game. I did buy fallout 3 though, haven't played it yet. In the summer gonna train again, I don't like being chubby :P

Whats your favorite sexual position?? Do you like anal or would you do it because you like the guy and he wants to?

You must be a stupid loser.

No not you agirlnamecharlie, I'm sorry you felt I target you.. I have already message you.. I meant supdupr69

Actually, the term, "angels on the head of a pin" came up hundreds of years ago when Martin Luther questioned the Churchs' authority and was imprisoned for making fun of such questions being asked by so-called Church "experts" on supernatural matters.

How fast can you run a mile?

Your prime????What are you now, like 16? I thought you could pace me for AT LEAST a 3 minute mile sweet cheeks!!! Ok, how many real push-ups can you do in like a minute?

You say BS and I say time me.....haha

That's 29.33 feet per second for a 5,280 foot mile at an altitude of 4,600 ft above sea level. That's really not that fast among the guys I hang there...haha.

BULL ****! Unless you are running down hill the whole way and that is still fast.

I forgot to tell you that we run DOWN the mountain...haha. You guessed it tho GGG.

You gonna tell us how many PU's you can do?

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Do you have a fetish or something about wedgies?

You want questions? Ok....answer these: How are you? How was your Christmas and New Year so far? What exiciting things have happened to you in the last 6 months or so? Are you married yet? Will you play with me if I visited you? Ha ha ha

"Play with you" is what we are doing now, just simple human-to-human interaction. You can take it in any way you want but I meant it in a good way.

Well when you come on I'll ask.

Did you ever have a bare bottom spanking?


Ever been with a woman?

Do you feel hi and excited when undergoing red flag? need to massage xxxx?

your periods (3-4 days)

What single most thing have you learned about people or practices while on EP? How did you feel about it? Have you changed your mind about anything?

You came to EP with certain preconceptions and beliefs about people in general, while not even considering some of the ...outside the box activities. Which was the most eye opening experience you read about? Have you learned about fantasies you didn't even know existed? Have you thought hmmm I need to add that one to my repertoire, or add it to your bucket list? And what has made you cringe thinking no ******* way?

I hope you do get back to it.

Do you add "dirty old men"?

I promise not to be creepy

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Where would your dream vacation take you and what is it about that destination that draws you there?

How is school going. Is it getting close to crunch time?

Haha. Whats your fave movie ?

have you ever pooped in the woods, in front of somebody, or watched poop come out of your butt?

do you like books?

What was the biggest **** that you have had sex with and how did it feel?

well did it look big or did it hurt or was it like all the others?

So they all felt them same pleasure wise?

would u friend add me? i think ur adorable btw

im new to this sorry how do u send a request?

did you do it all the way with your bf and is it now and then?

How was your weekend? What did you do?

How many angels can fit on the head of a pin? (Guesses accepted.)

Nope. One million, two hundred and thirty-seven thousand and two.

I just wanted to play this silly game with you and see how far you would go. IDK how many angels can hang on the pinhead but the one about the gold/feathers is correct since there are 12 troy ounces in a pound of gold and each ounce is 31.28 grams. Hahaha. Are you still thinking about questions to ask me? I will answer anything too.

The angels on a pin thing came up in the 60s when laser etching became a possibility, the idea is that a laser is so accurate that you can get them really really small. So there is an actual competition to see who can develop one precise enough to out stack the number of angels on a pinhead versus the previous recordholders.

As many as need be would be the answer.

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Which is heavier, a pound of gold or feathers?

Wrong. A pound of gold is in troy ounces....not regular avodp. ounces. Check it out. Hahaha

Do you spit or swallow?

wow, dude. get a feel for the room next time. have you read her answers to other questions? you're either being non-attentive or offensive. either way it's inconsiderate.

ummm.... did u know unicorns taste like chicken? :) thats why u dont see many.. theyre delicious. lol

How old are you really? You look a lot younger then 18 I would like to write and share with you but not if you are under 18 ok

yes and people have to really watch what they say to minors

oh ok and u r very cute and a lil tease huh? it's ok so am i lol

How many blow jobs have you given?

what things do u like about a guy?

what a coincidence! i know this guy who is funny, hot, goofy and a little nerdy. now, what's his name? umm..oh, that's right. it's me :)

Shower or bathtub? :-)

would you like to sext me?

Did you talked about ********* with your boyfriend?... Are you interested to do it ?

Is there any kind of guy who could just immediately sweep you off your feet?

What is your favorite color?


charlie--i saw a video on youtube and the girl was named charlie and she was doing a cute little rap song as she was sitting on the toilet---mmmm, that wasent you, or was it.. she was as cute as you are...

ok, just wondered about it---one more question since i mentioned the toilet, what feels better--peeing a lot or a long hard poo--mmm, i drank prune juice and am about to go in my undies....



have you ever got a wedgie

would you like to get ****** by a man if he approaches you.

how do you get off alone? ************, toys, lube, long time? g-spot? **** rub, naked< where in bed? tell me all please