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Open Book

You can ask me anything, I am an open book, wether it's a personal problem, a question about me, or a question about "stuff" in general I will more than happily answer. I love to help, so write in the comments, whatever you want to ask, and I will get back to you asap. :)

girlie88 girlie88 13-15 3 Responses Dec 27, 2011

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If you were jumped and told you are going to be punched in your bellybutton eleven times with a fist, punched in your lower belly (2 hits below the belt) and struck in each boob four times would you prefer to have your (1) Arms held behind your back. (2) Tied above your head stretching your belly. (3) Sit in a chair with your arms tied behind your back. (4) Be tied spread eagle as you are punched. Would you trade these punches and allow them to tie you spread eagle, painfully thump your areoles, poke and jab your bellybutton and aggressively finger you between your legs until you ******?

Bra size?
Virgin? Age lost?
Pad or tampon? Why?

Bra Size: 36 B
Virgin: Yes
Pad- I don't want to put stuff up there, looks uncomfortable....

have you ever wet yourself on purpose