If We Are All Different Then We Are All The Same

I haven't done this for a while ^_^ Go ahead and ask anything you wanna know about moi.
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What's the Dumbest Thing You've Ever Spent Your Money On?

Awesome answer! =D - Usually I keep any questions to myself but if I'm given the chance then I will ask and ask and ask =P I like the trip you described and I like your answers, it is what I wanted to hear! :)) though I didn't like you lying about your real feelings since I'm asking to know them and if I was to be bothered then I wouldn't ask but I guess this is the bad habit you have! =P See it is good that I asked now I know lol Thanks for the honest answers <3<br />
Ps. OMG ladyGaga I don't like her AT ALL, I wanted to change my username but it is too late I guess lol

Lol M&M you have been keeping all this to yourself? :)<br />
<br />
• I'll first pick you up from the airport and then get you to spend the day here in my city, it's safe, cool and we'll have so many places to visit, We'd go for lunch and then i'll take you to a memorial site we have in Sinai (just after we cross to the other shore from Suez canal) It's a really special place and then we hangout in the city, keep cruising by car for a while and then just have fun together.<br />
<br />
• First impression, hmm I was like "wow she is a fan of lady gaga who i hate lol" and then the first story i saw in your stories was about Syria, and I commented then you recommended a story about the 25th revolution to me and asked if I was Syrian or what. then I kept checking your stories and was like "that's so awesome I always wanted someone in my circle who thinks exactly the same" I didn't have much Arabs in my circle at all back then, we were all hiding from each other maybe from our governments lol<br />
<br />
• No I don't think I am a pla<x>yer, I'd never use someone or take advantage of their feelings, when I tell someone I love them I really mean it. But I sometimes like some flirting with friends, it's fun when adding some sarcasm to it.<br />
<br />
• Bad habit, hmm lying about my feelings I sometimes can't manage to describe my pain (physical or emotional) to anybody, staying late at night and not taking my meds.<br />
<br />
• Favorite food, might be Pizza but i'm not sure cuz i don't really have one that I favor that much.<br />
<br />
• Dream life, Having a good relationship with Allah, Having a home not a house not an apartment just a home, a good job, a loving wife to hold every night, proving my family members wrong about my illness, having yea a KIA LOLOLOL I like the Carens model :P hmm yea proving to fellows that have my illness but with worse conditions that there's still a chance. <br />
<br />
• Yes I did lie to you about my feelings, someday I was so sad and didn't want to bother you with my problems.<br />
<br />
• Lol well nope I have never lied during a question game and I admit that I LOVE this game :P We should play it some day ;)<br />
<br />
Alright that was fun :)

*writes her long list*<br />
<br />
• If I come to where you are (which I will do), what will be your plan for the day? (You better be a good Tourist guide!)<br />
• What was your first impression of me? (People always view me as cocky at first but I guess online is different).<br />
• Do you think that you are a pla<x>yer?<br />
• What is a bad habit that you have?<br />
• What is your favorite food?<br />
• What would be your dream life? house, job, kids, wife, car (I know it it will be your damn KIA car jk lol)<br />
• Have you ever lied to me?<br />
<br />
…and finally and more importantly: <br />
<br />
• Have you ever lied during a question game? Mewahahaahahah =p<br />
<br />
Hmm I will definitely come back if I think of more questions, this opportunity won’t get repeated lol =P

Check the comment below M&amp;M


Equals "me" In French :)

Oh I thought it wuz spelled differently

No problemo, now you should as me a question though :P

Ok, wats da K stand for in MK?

i'll tell you in a message :P cuz it's a name

Ur last name?

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