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But not very personal questions because I won't answer!
What is the point of the game then? Idk!!! lol
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One more question M&M :P<br />
Have you ever spoke to an EP member in two different ways at the same time? like speaking on whiteboard and inbox or inbox and chat (i know you don't use it) at the same time.<br />
Ok they are two questions..<br />
Why you don't use the chat bar?

I see you are enjoying the game, aren’t you! :P Ok then, I shall come back with more questions FOR YOU! :P

A1 Yeah actually I have done this before, it is kind of weird lol, that if you are speaking to the same person then just speak to them in one place, but it is like this, I speak to someone on the WB then they message me about something else in private, so I reply to each topic in its place!! It is like we are afraid to mix up the topics or something lol

A2 I used to use it when I first joined EP, but then I got weird dudes messaging me about weird stuff and boring topics so I just disabled it! I haven’t used it for a very long time, do you use it?

Oh yeah i am hahaha And go ahead I can not wait!! :D I see lol it's interesting. and I see about the chat thing, Yep I do use it :P

Ok I might enable my chat again for you! :)

Aww no you don't have to M&amp;M :) it's okay

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I have two questions as for now :P<br />
How do you feel when you decide to tell important news about yourself to one of your close EP friends and find out that they silently left and deleted their account without saying a single word, you don't have their mail or anything and you will never be able to talk to them again? ( just happened to me to be honest, i feel like crying :'( ) ya Allah i'm so glad i have your mail, I'd die if you left like this.<br />
&<br />
You say you are not religious, can you explain? i mean like what you do and what you don't do, also what you'll never do, etc.

I really like your questions :D A1: I will be very angry not crying, but when I get angry I cry LOL! =P It is because I will just feel that I was completely ignored and that I meant nothing to them! You know, I might feel offended if that makes sense! Lol – I wouldn’t give you the chance to run away that’s why chasing you outside EP and if you still manage to escape I will need to physically chase you! =P A2: This is kind of a hard question to explain but let me try =/ I understand the word religious in two senses or two levels: *people who are overly restricting themselves for the sake of God when this restriction kind of made them deviate from God’s instructions on how we should live our lives! Meaning that Allah told us to obey him, yet enjoy life as well! But those people are totally giving up on life, everything from their point of view is wrong and forbidden - I’m not this type and I will never be. * People who really obey God and really avoid the forbidden, people who do sunnah and read Quran everyday etc.. Yet they are not overly strict, they are enjoying life etc…! I’m not this type but I wish to be like this! As you see I’m neither, I’m barely doing the musts and at times I would even skip them (but thanks to God and to you, not anymore :))) and I do many mistakes (If I will talk to you about this then I will do it in private lol) - I can say that I’m working on myself to be moderately religious as I wish – I stopped skipping any musts, I started reading Quran everyday (even though sometimes I don’t) and I’m trying to be closer to God But I’m not religious, my heart is very religious, I love Islam and I love Allah, I believe in obeying him and I believe in everything he told us but why I don’t consider myself religious? Because I still need to work on my life itself as I’m not applying this love or reflecting it on my life, it is only inside me! Hope that wasn’t contradictory! At times I find it hard to express my feelings and myself in words, that’s why I wrote a long answer and I still I think the image isn’t clear!