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hey guys ask me anything and ill answer all of your questions
saraparker13 saraparker13
13-15, F
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If you were going to be tied up, would you prefer (1) to be sitting in a chair with your arms tied behind your back, (2) standing against a pole, arms tied behind your back or (3) wrists tied above your head stretching your belly? Second question. If you were going to be punched with fists, would you prefer (1) breast and belly punches or (2) belly and facial punches?

Bra size?
Virgin? Age lost?
Pad or tampon? Why?

not telling
not telling

You said ask anything.

would you answer in a private message?

You really shouldn't be talking to these older guys. You should find a teen site and talk to people your own age. Especially talking to some guy with a username uneedapankin or some dude asking to Skype with you. I almost sent you some sexual questions till I saw your age. They may be really interested, but more than likely they want you in an adult way. You should be very careful. Your cute and really find a teen site.

have you ever been kicked in the vag???
if did it happen? how did you feel??

i got kneed in the vag during a basketball game it hurt

hmm..i play basketball sometimes!!
i wish i could ask you about the details of that. you applies for me!
can i add you in yahoo,skype or anything you use?

Well when you come on here, I'll ask.