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What would you do if i told you my wolf was gone?

Id freeze here in shock which is what I'm doing right now except my hands. My eyes are big and my jaw is dropped!

Yeah Aurora is gone :(

You are joking right, this isn't funny. You'd be the fifth wolf Ive heard about losing their wolf but one came back

No not joking she changed form i think

What makes you think that

Cause when i meditate on her i see a white panther

Ask it its name, it may still be her just a different form like you said. This is weird

Her name is Shimera so different name to... ik im going to look for her in my dreams tonight

Wtf maybe your two types of therian and your just seeing this one now?


As I said I have a friend who's both an African wild dog and a Bengal tiger


She made the first mistake, revealing what she is. She was sent to mental therapy and the ones who do believe her bully her for it. Or maybe they don't but they know it bothers her. "It's a sick world we live in" eminem said it right

I don't know all of them but grey mentioned he knew four who lost them and the forth I talked to and she got hers back. She lost it due to breaking up with her mate. Ill ask grey for the usernames

It was 2 wolves sorry I misread. Still one regained her wolf when her mate took her back I have no clue about the other. Ill ask grey tomorrow

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Hmmm so many questions......... favorite color xP

Get off my alpha!*stands between. Growls visiously*

They were just jokes, we always tell jokes like that

Yeah right.

What do you mean? Seriously we always tell jokes

Not that realistic. She sounded like she was about to scream bloody murder! Don't joke around like that.

Alright sorry, I never try to offend anyone

You better be sorry.

I can delete them if you want

But not OUR conversation. I want people to know its a joke.

Alright, ill just delete the jokes. I don't want to make anyone angry as I said, I do admit to sometimes getting carried away, "no dip surlock" said it for ya lol

Thanks shewolf :)

Alright there its gone. Sorry for going overboard there, friends?

You always go overboard xp im used to it

its a habit lol. I feel like jhonen Vasquez sometimes. Anyway to answer this, my favorite colors are red, blue, and green

Nice :)

Anymore questions, I'm not going to p-shift, grab a hammer, grab a shotgun, or a [2 hours of typing later] this time, just an answer

What's your wolf look like?

Like my profile pic I think, I was told I need nature music or to be in a place untouched by man or something for it to work so not 100%

Okay... xp do you know your wolf name?

Not yet, I'm going to try again before bed

Haven't tried in weeks

Okay lol

Next question

Ummmm favorite movie┬┐

Dora the explora!

Oh... my.... lord..... *leaves*

How about the dark knight trilogy or the Star Wars sagas is that any better lol

Star wars! :D! (omg my nerd is showing)

Dude I can't believe darth maul actually survived episode 1s incident


He must've really hated obi wan to survive off his hatred for him

Yep lol




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