Just ask me anything, and if there's something you want to know about me just ask, I'm not afraid to say anything
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You really shouldn't be talking to these older guys. You should find a teen site and talk to people your own age. Especially talking to some guy with a username uneedapankin or some dude asking to Skype with you. I almost sent you some sexual questions till I saw your age. They may be really interested, but more than likely they want you in an adult way. You should be very careful. Your cute and really find a teen site.

Ok here's the thing, great advice and all but I can hold my own. I may look cute and innocent but I can be a real *****, so I don't really need people telling me what to do.

have you ever been kicked in the vag???
if did it happen? how did you feel??

Honestly no, I've been in many fights but when ever someone try's to kick me I grab there foot. are a great fighter then!!
how about the breast area? some women say that it hurts alot when they get hit in the boobs! do you have any experience ?!

Acctually yes, but not in a fight. Only when me and my friends are messing around.

Ok cool

I'm wondering do you have a boyfriend and does he know your a wolf?

Yes I have a bf well actually he's my mate and yes he does he's a wolf too

Well when you come on I'll ask.

I'm online

May I ask you in a private message?


Wy did you post this story twice on the same group?

Because its me

Um honestly idk, srry wouldn't let me reply

When you take a picture with a mobile device then upload it on here it appears sideways unless its from google pics, ect.