Ask Me Anything, And I'll Asnwer Honestly To The Best Of My Knowledge

I am here to answer anything anyone asks!  I don't know all there is to know, but I'll do my best to enlighten those who ask!  I'm a White Witch and a light worker, so if there are any questions relating to that, I might have a better answer :)  If a blessing is needed, or someone just wants to talk... I'll be here :P




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Do you like to wear hosiery? Stockings, thigh highs, or pantyhose.

I did have a mentor, and she has since moved away from my area, but she was a very helpful person on my journey into becoming a Witch. I self-educated myself after she had moved, but I was already well rooted in to craft. A light worker is exactly as it sounds lol.. Generally light workers cast protections for people, and bind dark entities or spirits. It ultimately means I work in the light side of the craft.Now to answer woodczar:I can do spells yes. I do different spells for various situations. As for an extrasensory tool... I'll humble myself and say that if I do have such gifts, then I only do through all the knowledge I have gained in my years of the craft. And as far as the greatest misconceptions for the craft is in the eye of the beholder, but in my experiences, I have definitely been shunned merely for stating I work in Witchcraft. Most think of ugly old ladies with pointy hats and boils on their nose, and wear black. That is far from the reality. I work only in the light side of things, so often when I tell someone I'm a Witch, the conversation sours because of their preconcieved notions of the craft. It isn't a dangerous craft unless it is being abused. And that can be said for pretty much everything in life. If you are interested in learing about it, without practising... you should look up this book. I found it very useful in furthering my skills as well as learning the history of the craft. the book is called... "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft" and it is by Cristopher Penczak I believe... thank you for your questions.. I hope I answered the to your approval :P~W

Do you do spells? Do you have an extrasensory perception as a tool in spreading light? What's the greatest misconception in the craft?