Chastity Until Permission

i am married to a Hotwife, that is She dates and has sex with other guys and women. i'm a totally submissive househusband or, as She says...Her male wife. She doesn't have sex with me or even let me see her undressed, although the sexy outfits She wears get me very aroused. Occasionally She allows me to play with myself if i've been very obedient.
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Wow!!!! I wanna be you! You are living my dream 😃

Me too! Since my said I act like a five year I have to b one! It's bittersweet, I have noticed lately since being diapered all the time, iam guppy is srinking!

My ex restricted me to sloppy seconds, thirds or more until she cut me off telling me I was not meant to play with women

I am jealous of you. Do you please her while you are deprived and does have you in a chastity device?

That's a little weird she doesn't do it with you but she does it with other people it sounds like she thinks your a baby

What househubbi's wife does is called cuckolding. Cuckolding is being married and openly dating and having sex with men and, sometimes, other women either with or without her husband present. Much of the time the husband is never, or very, very rsrely allowed to have sex with his wife. At most, she may allow him to ********** or she may "milk' him dispassionately for no other reason than to keep him healthy. Sometimes the cuckold husband is forced to satisfy his wife's male lovers by sucking their ***** and swallowing their ***, or being used by them as a woman would be. Cuckolding is often a humiliating turn-on for some men. Other times, it is simply meant to humiliate them.Sometimes, but not always, the men are treated like babies or sissies.

Thanks, Kent, for clarifying the situation! my Wife never brings her dates home and so i've never met any of them. i haven't had sex with Her (or anyone) for a looong time. She has her own bedroom suite which is off limits for me except to clean and do laundry. She has Her privacy and i'm not even allowed to see Her undressed.

But you get 3 kisses a day and you get to be her housewife, which many men want. How are you dressed when you do your housework? Also, does your wife tell you about her dates, and if she does is it to frustrate you, humiliate you, or both? i have a very very tiny peepee, but WifeMommy does not cuckold me. i know some men desire cuckolding, but i do not, and i would feel very hurt if she did. Much more hurt than humiliated--but that's me.

i live for Her kisses! Most days and especially if i have errands i'll be in yoga pants and a top, knee-hi's and flats. Sometimes i'll be in a maids uniform. i always have an apron on no matter what outfit i'm in, though, except when i go out. i have a tiny pee pee, too, which is how this whole thing got started. That's nice that your WifeMommy stays loyal even though you are so small. Can you give Her an ****** that She finds satisfying? my HotWife does tell me about Her dates and to a listener it would just sound like "girl-talk" but i find it deeply humiliating and frustrating, and a huge turn-on (and She knows it).

Being a little older, i tend to go for the housewife look of the 1950's and the 1960's. So, for example, today i was wearing a pink and white checked house dress with a wide rounded white collar with embroidered flowers on it, and a snap-front pink and purple flowered house coat, also with a wide collar lace-trimmed around the edge, with the pockets also trimmed in lace. i had on white cotton cuffed anklets and a pair of pink scuffs. Very very housewife. Oh, and i had on a diaper and a pair of plastic pants (which Mommy still calls rubber pants). I hate to have to put on my "man clothes" to hang up the wash or get the mail. For me, women's clothing is much cooler and looser and allows more freedom of movement. My Wife and Mommy says that if i am happy living my feminine side in the house then she is happy. She is a wonderful Wife and Mommy.
I can give my WifeMommy an ****** a couple of different ways. I can lick her to ****** if she tells me to and she does get very wet when i lick her. Also, her breasts are very sensitive and she likes me to suckle them when she is in the mood for that, and i eagerly latch on to the breast. I am pretty good after all these year at nursing. She sometimes gets very excited and slips her hand in her panties and diddles herself with her fingers until she has a long and almost excruciating ******. Mommy has told me flatly that she doesn't much care for intercourse and there are women like her who simply don't like it as much as other things. So my tiny pee pee was never an issue with her. She thinks it is "cute" being so tiny, and has told me that she likes that i have a little bitty one because she knows i can never stray because my pee pee isn't big enough to please a woman who likes intercourse. I am very happy with our marriage and she is also. And that is what matters. It makes me sad to see so many couples torn apart by sex interests that may be a little to the right or left of mainstream.

I love it! I love to be deprived and have my wife involved with others and to be humiliated.

He is a big baby and babies don't have sex with there mommies. That's gross!!!

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If you both are happy with your relationship, carry on and enjoy :-)