My God's View Of Me Is All That Matters To Me Anyway


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Thanks lost. I fail every day to be everything that I want.

Aly, great minds think alike.

He pales in comparison to my real life guy. I had my picture made with him however and I also got his autograph. He is very sexy.

I love Mark Wills too. I met him many years ago and he was very nice.

Not what I expected . : )<br />
Never heard this particular soundtrack, but I am a fan of the song, and Mark Wills.


yes I do _____________________- you are adorable.

You know how i am..

I know but it is the message that is important not the genre for this one.

Mainly due to my sounds being to far up plus i am tired. but it isn't my type of music either. Hard to listen to non metal for me.

Why ar?<br />
<br />
YW bellas.

Perfect video..Makes you stop and think<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing FG .....

You are a brave soul for being able to listen to this song that i am sure of. I only made 3 seconds.

hehe! I don't really care either hence my title but this group made me think of this song.

You can laugh at me i don't care.