He Says He Wants Me In His Life, But That I Am Not The Woman He Wants To Marry

A few months ago we got into a heated debate and he told me that he wants to have me in his life until the day he dies, but that does not mean marriage. That I am not the person he sees as a wife. He went on to say that he has been trying to prepare me for that role, but it hasn't happened yet. At the time I thought it was just said in an the heat of the moment. But after thinking about it more deeply, later on. It seems to me that he is just not as committed to the relationship.
Before that, I would have been ready to marry him. Afterwards, there is distance. It was definitely hurtful.
This is so different from my previous relationships that I am just going along for the ride, seeing where it takes me.
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

if he says stuff like that even in the heat of an arguement he isnt committed like he should be that could be early signs of an abusive relationship and i wouldnt be going along for the ride . the fact that he said that means he doesnt fully respect u like he should.i would get out b4 u end up hurt.

I hear ya. sometimes it is good to see where the stream takes you, but be careful for the rapids. I wouldn't want you to end up tumbling over painful rocks.... So as you go, just be cautious. Be OPEN to learn new things, but be cautious as you go. That is my advice.<br />