I'm sorry. I am getting lame with that. I just came back from amazing weekend being the best man of my friends wedding, and I come to see my mom so down, because she feels so worried about the condition of my sister. I really hope she will receive this strength she needs to manage to go through life the way they both deserve.
I feel so happy, after such a terrible personal period, and yet again so saddened about them two. My happiness is not full, and I just hope in any known and unknown force, any iconography of help from above, any spiritual realm of karma and fate, destiny...believe me...I don't want to get in to depth with the problem, but in her condition now, it is not about money, or any visible sort of intelligence.
Right now they just need a helping hand from above
Please, pray for them, meditate for them, send positive energy to them, happy thoughts.... I don't care what is your spirituality, religion , philosophy :)They don't need material stuff right now. Just this epiphany, revelation, or solution. We all feel helpless sometimes. So we need something from outside of our known vision. Take it the way you want to
just asking for some HELP FROM ABOVE....
rockstin87 rockstin87
26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014