Angel Voices

Janis Joplin - her raspy, bluesy voice just exudes sex.  If I could sound like anyone, I'd want Janis' singing voice.

Tori Amos - sensual and erotic and that's only while she's performing, practically making love to her Bosendorfer, she radiates beauty, and is incredibly into the music, she transcends reality

Jenny Lewis - the perfect mix for folk, indie, soul, alternative and country.  Sexy, strong and brilliantly talented. 

Alison Krauss - her voice is angelic, almost perfect

Sarah McLachlan - ethereal, haunting

Honorable mentions: Adele, Kasey Chambers, Dido, Jewel (on "Pieces of You")

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Artist you probably wouldn't know. Can't decide on just one, but Janis Joplin, Peggy Lee, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Nicks come to mind.

Tori Amos is pure sex. No matter what she's doing. She's amazing.

First of all-Tori Amos!Check out her MTV unplugged,that is pure sex performed with piano and vocals.<br />
<br />
"Skin" from the UK-Band Skunk Anansie-absolutely awesome and very variable!<br />
<br />
Annie Lennox-4 ever and ever...

My favorite female artist isn't well know in the US unless you're into anime. Rie Fu, who was born in Japan but did spend a few years living in Maryland and recently graduated from a university in London. She has song in both Japanese and English. She sites Aimee Mann, Carol King, and The Carpenters as a few of her influences. Her voice is awesome and lyrics earthy.<br />
<br />
Another is Origa, who is Russian born and who's voice is nothing short of awesome in my mind.

Don't forget Diana Krall...Norah Jones ... omg--Stevie Nicks!...

Annie Lennox makes my legs shake ... there I said it I don't care if the world knows!

For some real fun... go listen to Rosie Ledat.<br />
<br />
Walk Your Dog...yeah!

Chrissie Hynde is amazing. I love her. Aretha gives me the chills, too.

Chrissie Hyde<br />
Annie Lennox<br />
Aretha<br />
Nina Hagen

I like that.

Her voice was an ear ****...

newdaydogEP, I'm jealous. I would LOVE to have seen Janis live. Her voice just radiated sex.

I'm for Janis Joplin... the woman just exuded raw power, drunk or sober she could rock the house. I got to see her twice in concert. Sadly she passed out cold after four songs the second time. Too bad she left us.


I love Tori Amos & Sarah McLachlan :)

Yay! Janis Joplin had soul big time! Love listening to her sing.

I've heard her once or twice. She does have a good voice. Oh....I forgot someone....brb....LOL

I love Dido. And Sarah.