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Angel Voices

Janis Joplin - her raspy, bluesy voice just exudes sex.  If I could sound like anyone, I'd want Janis' singing voice.

Tori Amos - sensual and erotic and that's only while she's performing, practically making love to her Bosendorfer, she radiates beauty, and is incredibly into the music, she transcends reality

Jenny Lewis - the perfect mix for folk, indie, soul, alternative and country.  Sexy, strong and brilliantly talented. 

Alison Krauss - her voice is angelic, almost perfect

Sarah McLachlan - ethereal, haunting

Honorable mentions: Adele, Kasey Chambers, Dido, Jewel (on "Pieces of You")

CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten 31-35, F 17 Responses Oct 19, 2008

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Tori Amos is pure sex. No matter what she's doing. She's amazing.

First of all-Tori Amos!Check out her MTV unplugged,that is pure sex performed with piano and vocals.<br />
<br />
"Skin" from the UK-Band Skunk Anansie-absolutely awesome and very variable!<br />
<br />
Annie Lennox-4 ever and ever...

My favorite female artist isn't well know in the US unless you're into anime. Rie Fu, who was born in Japan but did spend a few years living in Maryland and recently graduated from a university in London. She has song in both Japanese and English. She sites Aimee Mann, Carol King, and The Carpenters as a few of her influences. Her voice is awesome and lyrics earthy.<br />
<br />
Another is Origa, who is Russian born and who's voice is nothing short of awesome in my mind.

Don't forget Diana Krall...Norah Jones ... omg--Stevie Nicks!...

Annie Lennox makes my legs shake ... there I said it I don't care if the world knows!

For some real fun... go listen to Rosie Ledat.<br />
<br />
Walk Your Dog...yeah!

Chrissie Hynde is amazing. I love her. Aretha gives me the chills, too.

Chrissie Hyde<br />
Annie Lennox<br />
Aretha<br />
Nina Hagen

I like that.

Her voice was an ear ****...

newdaydogEP, I'm jealous. I would LOVE to have seen Janis live. Her voice just radiated sex.

I'm for Janis Joplin... the woman just exuded raw power, drunk or sober she could rock the house. I got to see her twice in concert. Sadly she passed out cold after four songs the second time. Too bad she left us.


I love Tori Amos & Sarah McLachlan :)

Yay! Janis Joplin had soul big time! Love listening to her sing.

I've heard her once or twice. She does have a good voice. Oh....I forgot someone....brb....LOL

I love Dido. And Sarah.