this was so many years ago ....and i had forgotten all about it ..but Bug she likes to hear stories about her dad and brother ...you see her dad (Will) passed away..and her brother (Hopper)  is the navy ...Hopper was about 3  i think ..and we were in Hawaii ..Will loved ahi ..which is a fish ..and Will had friends that use to fish off  the waters of Oahu ...anyway , Jim was Will friend and Jim gone fishing for two weeks ...he had one of those big boats ..you know the ones that have 10 guys on it ..anyway we were at the pier to pick up the fish ..but Will  didn't have change so he asked me to go to store ..which was down a little ways from the pier...i asked Will to watch Hopper and he said he would ...while i was gone Hopper fell between the boat and the pier ...and it took all the men 20 of them to help get him out ....the men held the boat back ..while Will and Jim jumped into the water to get Hopper ...i have no idea why this happen ...but i was there when they got him out of the water ...Hopper was crying ..he was cold and wet ..but fine ...Will and Jim were OK too ..after this happen children were not allowed near any of the boats or to be too close to the water ...i later asked Hopper why ??? he said his dad would not let him stay on board the boat but he wanted to play on the boat ..so he thought he could get on board without any help ...Thank God someone saw him fall in the water ...because Will said he was under the boat ..and no one would have known he was there ,,..Hopper still loves the water ,,,funny now Hoppers in the navy saving people ...
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Mar 22, 2011