Okay I Finally Had The Courage To Do This

alright i just wanted to post this because i think its an acheivement. i have always had problems with finding a girlfriend because i havent had the courage to ask a girl out. so i decided to set up a profile on a dating site and over time i was getting matches and i think i have found a potential girlfriend. so for the first time i sucked up all the courage i can get to ask her out. i cant beleive i actually asked a girl out, i used to be afraid and lacked confidence but i know i have potential. so we'll see if she decides to respond to my email or ignore it, but either way its a win win because i aksed her out and the fact that i have offered myself to her means i am doing someting nice to her. its better to ask out and find out if she likes you rather than hesitating and not knowing if she is really interested or not. so far i havent got any replies from her yet but we'll see. then again if she decides to ignore me, than theres always other girls to meet and get to know, i just hope that i can go through all the lemons until i find the peerfect one for me, this doesnt sound easy but at least i am asking them out. so for those  who are shy and dont know how to ask a girl out, i say just do it, i know its easy said than done but worst is worst if she says no, better to know than to not know right?
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@ suree yeah dating sites therefore mean something to you, but they dont mean anything to me. i have decided to just abandon my account and just continue life the way it is. i dont think i plan to ask out many girls at this moment because i have suddenly lost all interest in them. there are better things to do than wasting time with people who are not really friendly in the first place.

I don't find dating websites pointless. I find them interesting and worth the time to explore all your options, and just have fun meeting people. I guess it depends on your own personal experiences. I've had some positive experiences meeting people online. Yes, not every experience is a good match, but I think the process of elimination is easier.

Jonnyronny.....don't give up. There is someone out there for you. just be yourself and remember, there are many lemons out there, and they're not bad. At the very least, they teach you how to recognize those red flags. Don't knock those lemons. Just make some lemonade. Keep hope alive, just be patient....You'll find her. I promise.<br />
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I knew you believed in LOVE....:-)

Hi mediocre, just saw your comment, thanks for the support. sorry i havent been on ep for a long time, i got busy with so many things out there. but thanks for the comment and you know what, she deleted the message, wow, i cant beleive how heartless some girls can be, i wouldnt mind a no thanks as a response, but to just delete a message within a few days does say little about her. i am gonna rant about it now.

"its better to ask out and find out if she likes you rather than hesitating and not knowing if she is really interested or not." that's exactly right. Doesn't matter if you don't hear back from her, that's her loss, at least now you know how easy it can be.