She Deleted My Message

Alright, just a little rant to share to the many EP'ers out there. only a few days ago i had the courage to ask out a girl on my matches from a dating site. just to prepared because i know i am cursed with a really bad type of badluck i wasnt expecting a yes or a positive reply from her. after being single for 20 years, or basically my whole life, i dont see how i could all of a sudden be single and then the next second be in this wonderful loving fulfilling relationship. so i checked my inboxes a few times and guess what, NOTHING, nothing, zilch, nero, naught, nil, null. why wasnt i so suprised, it even shows if the girl has replied and in the replied notes it said that she deleted my message. wow, i cant beleive how some girls can turn down something like that. to start off with i never get any messages from anyone, and here are these people getting people asking them out. i just feel as if some people take these things for granted and dont think about people like me and many others who never get any messages from anyone. it just makes me feel bitter. so i take it she was definately not interested. i wouldnt have minded a 'no thanks' from her or something like that, because i will accept her decision but for no reply and just to delete my message felt pretty rude to me. i think alot of girls are out there just to be rude and throw us dudes around like a ragdoll. i feel as if there is no hope in finding the right one because there are so many bad girls out there, i dont even beleive there are any good girls out there because all of them are nasty, i hate to say it but thats what a girl is, nasty, shallow, rude, and somewhat snobby.....okay that was probably harsh of me to say that about the whole female race, but for someone like me, its very very very hard to be positive about the female gender. i can even trace my badluck back to my early days in school when i was bullied by girls. i just thought that in a decades time that they change but to me they are still the same altogether.

alright maybe i am being negative. i know its her loss and that she is missing out because i am a good man, i have self respect, i go to the gym, i work hard, in fact i have no freetime, i earn alot of money, i drive a saab, i am an advocate for good hygiene, and i am a uni student because i have aspirations for the future, even though i can be a tad bit cynical. they say theres plenty of fish in the sea but i didnt have alot of matches to start off with. there is another girl i like on that site and i'll see how she will respond to my messages. but for now i am trying to stay positive about girls even though i have frayed little bits of hope left. we'll see what happens.
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Aha I've been there .... I've even been blocked talking to a few and most don't reply and complain about the ******** they get messages from :/ .... Ahh well what can you do I'm in the same boat as you it happens

Too bad for you.

What's wrong with finding a girl out there? Not online....<br />
You seem like an active individual. Go out there and ask them out!