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I Ask Sometimes.

Sometimes I get to feeling crappy inside and I ask my mom to spank me.
I know its dumb but it does help me feel better.
I have no clue why ?
Preachersboy Preachersboy 18-21, M 19 Responses Feb 6, 2012

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i have ask for spankings also when younger for fear of getting caught

You might want to look this up on the internet---you're not alone. It's quite common.

Has your mom spanked you recently at all?

Little over a week ago .

Does she spank you after church?

No !

Yea sometimes she does. Dad 2 sometimes.

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Spank kids just need spankings. It is like both an emotional satisfaction and an emotional purge. <br />
<br />
There is almost nothing more intimate between two people than the spank scene. <br />
<br />
One is nude, one is clothed -- one is in power, and one is not -- and in truth, they are both vulnerable in two different ways, but they both need those feelings!!<br />
<br />
Spanking is Very important!

I think that you are a 'good boy' who craves this experience as a physical and psychological need. We all have different needs, and different ways that we get satisfaction. A naked butt spanking works on several levels. You are nude in front of another person. You are helpless. You expect a stinging and memorable sensation and experience. You feel that you are being purged of inner tension and anxiety. You are giving up control, as you do not make the rules, but are being punished by the rules. You give up yourself to this experience, as you are not fighting back, you are taking the spanking naked and vulnerable. In the end everyone can see your red butt as you stand in the corner. You feel as though you have released much inner desire, needs, and stress. You are a good boy!

I just think you are brave to ask. No need to think too much about it.

Ja, spankings must always be given with love.

A4kids, well said!

Spankings give one closure from transgressions and coming from someone (mum etc.), that loves you, gives you the feeling that you are forgiven. <br />
Also the endorphins that forms in your body gives you an feeling of goodness. Sometimes it could be erotic to receive the touching.

Do you have to bare your own bottom for one of these requested spankings? What position are you spanked in then? Ever regret asking for the spanking afterward?

Sometimes I wish I hadn't asked yea when its happening. Most times I have to take my cloths off myself. Sometimes she does it. I go over the side of our couch for her.

yea she hugs alot I guess. It was more when I was littler.

No she uses a belt or her brush.

Hey Preachersboy!! What you describe is not odd, strange or wierd at all. it is not difficult to understand, but a bit long-winded. I have the explanation in my hard drive, so if you want I'll copy and paste it and post it on here.

It could be you need some body contact. Maybe they never hug you and touch you except when they spank you. You need some contact, everybody needs contact. And if they don't give you any contact except of while spanking, then it might be you rather like to get spanked than never ever getting touched at all.<br />
Do your parents and especially your mom hug you at all?

why would you ask for a spanking

if one new that one might not do it . as a teenager i think i liked the Attention . My Parents had very nstrict Rules . if Rules are Broken by me i new i would be Punished . it was the 1950s when i was a youngster . it was LEGAL in the 1950s 1960s even into the 1970s their was Parental Discipline in most homes . in my teens i often Allowed A Neighbor to Spank me She was a Woman in her 40s Living alone and a friend of my Mum.s . Meneytimes she Watched my mum Smacking my bare bottom over the years and in my teens i often had a throbbing peins after mum spanking my bare bottom very hard . Respected Gent Age 63 years young Looking back . .

I don't think its guilt ? idk ?

Then I guess were in the territory of we know it happens but don't know why it happens. Oh well, ...

idk I just feel this need that stays in my head. Its weird I know.

I thought of something that might make a difference in why you feel this way, but my question before explaining is do you cry when you get a spanking?

its not weird . Email me if you want to i mySelf had the same feelings as you in my teens .

your right it was like that for me . as a young teenager i often Provoked My Mum into Smacking my bare bottom at bedtime . i never could Understand why i did it . Mum would Say turn of the Light soon or i will Spank you David . YES Mum i would say . if it is Stil on Later you will get the Slipper . Later Mum would say did i tel you to turn of the light . yes Mum . then i think you must like having your bottom Smacked turn over on your belly David . i would do as i was told . then Mum would pull my Pajamas down and Smack smack smack until her hand hurt then Mum got her Slipper or a bathbrush . the back of a brush Mum used sometimes . it hurt like hell but i liked feeling my peins getting hard . When it was over i would play with my peins most of the night befor going to sleep with it in my hand

your not the only one PreacherBoy . i must have been weird to . it was the same for me growing . i always felt better after being Spanked by my Mum or Extended family

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I don't think its guilt ? idk ?

i felt very Loved and cared for when i was over my mum.s knee having my bare bottom smacked . Mum would start soft at first then a bit harder . She would say have you been a very NaughtyBoy David . if i said yes Mum i have been a badboy and deserve all i get . them Mum would smack my bottom as hard as she could until her hand hurt and i was in tears .

I can't tell for certain why from what you say (it could cover anything from feeling guilty to reasons that are much harder to figure out). I don't know if I could clarify this or not, but if you ever feel like discussing this feel free to contact me further.

Some people just like a warm bottom. If it helps you and your mum is ok about it, carry on asking. Be happy!

No its not as hard . It still burns like heck but if I'm in trouble its real bad.

i no that feeling well . i used to Provoke my mum into Giving me a hiding when i was a teenager back in the 1960s . i was happy to get my bare bottom Smacked by my Mum . Sometimes i got more than just a smacked bare bottom . if i Provoked my mum twice in the same dayi got thrashed with a thick Leather Strap or one of her canes . the thickest Cane mum had hurt the most and made Stripes Across my bare bottom

how hard does she spank you in this situation? Is it like when you were a naughty boy and she gives you a thorough spanking?