I was smacked at home or at school when I needed it but the first time I asked for one was when I was staying at a friends house for a couple of days.

We were both ten and had been playing up all day, by overcome excitement and a little tired from our late night on the day before.

There were plenty of warnings given during the afternoon but we continued to misbehave and cause chaos. When we were called in for our meal we were both given a good talking to and were told that we were being sent to bed early. Once the meal was finished we were sent get ourselves ready for bed. My friend was worried what this would mean but he had a good wash and got changed leaving me no choice but to do the same. He led the way back downstairs to the front room where this mum and dad were seated.

As soon as we got in the room his dad started to give him another telling off and called him over. I guessed that it wasn't going to for a hug and my friend slowly walked to his father. As soon as he got there his pyjamas were pulled down to his ankles and he was forced over his dad's knee and given a very hard smacking on his bare bottom. As soon as he was allowed to stand up he bounced around rubbing his bottom crying like a baby.
Once his trousers were pulled up we were both told to go to bed.

It didn't seem fair to me and I took a very quick decision, stood up and walked to his dad. I stood in front of him with my hands by my sides clearly waiting. I dont recall anything being said but it seemed like I waited ages for him to make his mind up but he did in the end and he pulled my pyjamas down put me over his knee like his son. Just like my friend, I was smacked were hard and cried before it was finished but although I was a sorry boy when I went up to be I knew that fairness had been done.

It was a long time ago now, back when this discipline was the normal thing. I am not sorry this has changed and that it is no longer considered reasonable but I have no complaints as to my treatment.
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You were brave kid.

Such an honorable thing to do for your friend. I'm sure that he really appreciated the fact that you submitted to a spanking voluntarily to demonstrate your friendship. I wonder what I would have done in that situation? As a child I was alwasy fascinated when another kid got a spanking - and was always glad that it wasn't me.

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I have never thought of it as honorable. It was more a case of me being a rather unpleasent attention seeking litte boy who found a sore bottom to be worth it in return for the attention that being naughty got me!

I'm not sure he realised that I had made the decision for myself and probably just took it for granted that I would be given the same as him.
I always got scared and excited a bit mixed up. My own parents smacked me in my pyjamas and with them down fairly frequently and the fact it was someone else would have excited me, as it did when at school or with my babysitter as happened occasionally.
I was also a great attention seeker and quite liked lying in bed crying with a burning bottom at the end of the day.