Do Cancer Charities Help People Like Me

I wrote emails to a few cancer charities asking for help because I need a new wheelchair soon and because my tumours are on my spinal cord and can only cope with the chair I've got because it has suspension and reduces a lot of the uncomfortable bumps when I travel anywhere and they all wrote back either saying they can't help me or giving me a useless number of my local council which are having huge cut backs! I feel like they are only interested in taking money like a business and have forgotten why they exist. If I can't find help soon I will become housebound and that really scares me, I've already done my time like a prison sentence not going out at all for long periods, about 2 years was the longest! I've thought about going door to door with a begging bowl, at least the money would be used 100% for the charity it is intended for unlike these big business charities!!!!
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Hey, I just watched Dr. Oz yesterday. He was stating that SAFFRON can penetrate a cancer cell and injest(something ) in it that makes it commit suicide.I also read that Papaya leaf tea is good to help fight or slow down the growth of cancer in as little as 24 hrs.I am going to tell my father about this , as he is battling cancer himself.

Thankyou much appreciated. I'm in a lot of pain today and this has helped me feel better.

I'm sending warm, happy, good vibes your way just because! <br />
Have a great day! :-)

Im sorry you are going through tough things. I hope everything works to your good , one way or the other.

I found a solution but was given false information before and that is I can use Motability to get a powered chair just like they do with cars in England. You can lease the chair for 3 or 5 years and then have the option to buy the chair or get a new one. It's not free and would mean me losing my mobility allowance but I think it is the best solution for peace of mind. I am getting the same chair that I have already got cause it is a good chair. So I should out and about just before Xmas. It's been a few months being a prisoner and very lonely to be honest.<br />
Thankyou for your concern it means a lot.

I hope you have been able to access the help you've needed by this time that I see you post.